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18-11-18, 18:14
In researching my relatives in central Finland, I notice many-if not most-men were listed as "Torp" or similar. My understanding is that they were tenant farmers for the most part on large farms with other similar tenants. My question is...who actually owned the land? Under Swedish rule prior to the early 19th century? Under Russian rule until WWI? Was the land given by the Swedish government to Russian landlords? or the Government?
I understand the economics of tenant farming( tithes, portions of crops, etc) but who or what was the recipient?
Looking forward to some new and general background information ! thanks, Ed (Strandman) Hartshorn

18-11-18, 20:45
My understanding is that the rent and work was paid to the house the torp's land was owned by. An rusthollare or a bonde would typically own their house, so usually to them. Not sure how exactly it worked with arendators and landbonde, who were renting the whole farm though.