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K-G Molander
21-11-18, 01:19

Lisa Johansdotter
born 19 Feb 1755 Kronoby.
Married: 17 Nov 1775 Kronoby
Husband: Eric Pehrsson Fagernäs
Born: 1 Jan 1753 Pedersöre. This according to information found in Kronoby Communion books.

I have found correct birth date (I hope) as:
Pedersöre: Born / Christened 30.6.1757 3.7.1757
Village / Farm Larsmo Fagernäs Grels
Father Pehr Mattss.
Mother Marg. Simonsdr.
Child Pehr

13-01-19, 06:12
That person is a Pehr Pehrsson Fagernäs, not an Erik Pehrsson:


13-01-19, 06:15
Here is the late 1775 marriage:


13-01-19, 06:21
The 20-year old wife of Eric Pehrsson in Myrskog died in 1776, either in childbirth or from puerperal fever.


13-01-19, 06:24
The child of Eric Pehrsson and Lisa Johansdotter Myrskog named Pehr Pehrsson apparently died after almost two weeks:


K-G Molander
15-01-19, 19:08
I can't find any evidence for Pehr Pehrsson born 30.6.1757 Fagernäs, Larsmo to be the same person as Eric Pehrsson born 1.1.1753 from Pedersöre, Larsmo?
Eric Pehrsson is the name found in marriage and also as father of his children. His age is given as "Age Ålderdom 87 years 1 months - weeks 13 days" which correcspond with birth year 1753.
However, I do not find Eric Pehrsson in Pedersöre birth records or in Communion books.

Can anyone show a proof of Pehr Pehrsson to be the same as Eric Persson?
Otherwise, I keep the name as Eric Pehrsson born 1.1.1753.

K-G Molander
15-01-19, 19:56
This is what I have found (for now). see attachment.