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07-12-18, 00:28
I am trying to find any information on the Luhti family that hailed from the Ylistaro area in the mid-1800s. The Luhti I have found info on is my 3rd great grandfather, Matti Matinpoika Luhti, born abt 25 Feb, 1849 in Ylistaro. From his name I’ve surmised his father was also Matti, and I believe his mothers name might be something like Lisa/Lusa Karhula. He was married on 4 Nov, 1870 to Heleena Jaakontytär Karhu (1840[?]-1885) in Isokyro. They had 7 children, all born in Finland: Jakob Nikolai (1871-1873), Johan August (1872-1872), Karl Gustaf (1873-1876), Greta Sofia (1875-1951) [my gg-grandmother], Matti Vihtori (1878-1878), Anna Elizabeth (1879-1884), and Isaac Oscar (1882-1962). Shortly after Isaac was born the ones left in the family came over to Michigan, USA. I am having trouble finding records of any Luhti’s at all past who I have listed here. I don’t know if there’s a different surname/spelling, whatever. Any help or clues would be appreciated. Thank you.

07-12-18, 02:02
I think this might be Matti, born 25.2.1849, Ylistaro...shown here with mother Helena Mattsdr Luhti, brother Jakob and grandmother (Helena's mother) Maria Johansdr...i think both Matti and Jakob were born out of wedlock...


07-12-18, 02:04
Matthias, born 25.2.1849, Ylistaro (left page, 2nd Matthias) http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=50336700&kuvanumero=197&ay=2567668&sartun=107542.KA&atun=165823.KA&amnimeke=Ylistaron+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Syntyneiden+ja+kastettujen+luettelot&aynimi=Syntyneiden+luettelot+1832-1849&ay2=185559

07-12-18, 02:08
Jakob Theophil, born 19.8.1852, Ylistaro (left page, 2nd name) http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=8338014&kuvanumero=82&ay=2567768&sartun=107542.KA&atun=165823.KA&amnimeke=Ylistaron+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Syntyneiden+ja+kastettujen+luettelot&aynimi=Syntyneiden+luettelot+1850-1864&ay2=122465

07-12-18, 02:13
1853-1859 Ylistaro Communion Book; mother Helena died 30.10.1857 http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=23321097&kuvanumero=199&ay=2567630&sartun=107538.KA&atun=165823.KA&amnimeke=Ylistaron+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Pää-+ja+rippikirjat&aynimi=Rippikirja+1853-1859&ay2=210555

07-12-18, 02:31
1846-1852 Ylistero Communion Book: Lena Mattsdr, born 14.4.1826, shown here with parents and son Matts http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=23704269&kuvanumero=24&ay=2568461&sartun=107538.KA&atun=165823.KA&amnimeke=Ylistaron+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Pää-+ja+rippikirjat&aynimi=Rippikirja+1846-1852&ay2=211600

07-12-18, 02:34
Helena, born 14.4.1826, Ylistaro http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=5760181&kuvanumero=109&ay=1597585&sartun=107542.KA&atun=165823.KA&amnimeke=Ylistaron+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Syntyneiden+ja+kastettujen+luettelot&aynimi=Syntyneiden+luettelot+1812-1831+%28IC%3A5%29&ay2=104176

07-12-18, 02:56
Matts Mattsson Luhti came to Isokyrö from Ylistaro on 4.11.1870 (left page, near bottom) http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/isokyro/muuttaneet_1865-1871_mko240/22.htm

07-12-18, 03:02
He moved out of Ylistaro on 1.11.1870 http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=8346432&kuvanumero=172&ay=2567825&sartun=206988.KA&atun=165823.KA&amnimeke=Ylistaron+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Seurakuntaan+muuttaneiden+luettelot&aynimi=Seurakuntaan+muuttaneiden+luettelot+1837-1889&ay2=122507

07-12-18, 03:10
Shown here as Matts Mattsson http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/ylistaro/rippikirja_1867-1876_mko7-8_isokyro/39.htm

Pardon the discombobulation here, but i'm now working backward to see how/when he acquired the patronym Mattsson...

07-12-18, 03:29
He seems to be shown here as a foster son http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/ylistaro/rippikirja_1860-1866_mko5-6_isokyro/36.htm

07-12-18, 03:31
And here http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/ylistaro/rippikirja_1853-1859_mko3-4_isokyro/34.htm

07-12-18, 03:39
Hmmmmm...he went from Matts Lenasson when first seen in the 1846-1852 Ylistaro Communion Book...to Matts Mattsson when shown on a different farm in the same book, while still living with his mother...and he remained Matts Mattsson in successive books...perhaps a mistake was made by the parish priest when recording his name that was never corrected?

08-12-18, 15:26
in case you don't already have this...a page from Isokyrö Communion Book, 1872-1881...the most recent book available at the SSHY free site (more recent books available at the members' site)...Matts Mattsson Luhti, born 25.2.1849; wife Lena Jakobsdr Karhu, born 8.11.1840; 6 children


08-12-18, 15:42
Helena, born 8.11.1840, Lehmäjoki, Karhu, Isokyrö http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/isokyro/syntyneet_1840-1850_uk16-17/11.htm

Isokyrö Communion Book, 1846-1850, Lehmäjoki 2, Karhu http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/isokyro/rippikirja_1846-1850_uk12-13_i/156.htm

08-12-18, 16:19
Lena Jakobsdr Luhti died 2.8.1885, Palo, Ollila, Isokyrö (link from SSHY members' site) http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=9902&pnum=3

08-12-18, 16:29
Isokyrö Communion Book, 1882-1890, Palo 5, Ollila (first 5 names), the family of Matts Mattsson Luhti, born 25.2.1849...at the bottom of the page, you see the family of Jakob Teofilus Mattsson Luhti, born 4.8.1852...i think he is the brother of Matts Mattsson Luhti...but his birth date is shown incorrectly here, as Jakob Theophil was born 19.8.1852

Link from SSHY members' site http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=9236&pnum=642

08-12-18, 16:39
Isokyrö Communion Book, 1891-1900, Palo 5, Ollila (most recent book available at SSHY members' site): Matti Matinp. Luhti, born 25.2.1849, to America, 1884; children Greta Sofia, born 2.12.1875; and Isak Oskar, born 13.1.1882; both to America, 1897


08-12-18, 18:04
Ylistaro Communion Book, 1853-1859, Kainasto, Tenkkula: Jakob Theofil, born 19.8.1852, shown with brother Matts Mattsson, born 25.2.1849; and mother Helena Mattsdr Luhti, born 14.4.1826...after mother Helena died in 1857, her sons were sent to different farms, where both were apparently adopted...Matts went to a farm on page 934...while Jakob went to a farm on page 936...i don't know why Matts is shown with the patronym Mattsson...either that was a mistake by the parish priest...or his father was Matts, although the father was not identified in the birth record...

Page 934 (Isokyrö), Ritaala 1, Ritari: Matt Mattsson Luhti, born 25.2.1849, shown as a foster son to Simon Johansson Hiidenniemi, born 20.9.1820; and wife Sanna Jakobsdr (Halkosaari), born 2.2.1827

Page 936 (Isokyrö), Ritaala 5, Warpula: Jakob Thephil Mattsson Luhti, born 19.8.1852, shown as a foster son to Matts Mattsson Liekosaari, born 4.4.1808; and wife Liisa Johansdr, born 3.4.1808

Ylistaro Communion Book, 1860-1866, Ritaala 5, Warpula: Jakob Theofil Mattsson Luhti, shown here with the incorrect birth date, 4.8.1852, as a foster son to Matts Mattsson Liekosaari, born 4.4.1808; and wife Liisa Johansdr, born 3.4.1808 http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/ylistaro/rippikirja_1860-1866_mko5-6_isokyro/38.htm

Ylistaro Communion Book, 1877-1886, Page 1178, Topparla by: Jakob Teofilus Mattsson Luhti, born 4.8.1852 (incorrect birth date, as he was born 19.8.1852)...to Storkyro (Isokyrö), 1877, Att 36 (Attest #36) http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/ylistaro/rippikirja_1877-1886_mko118-136_ii/333.htm

Ylistaro Move Out Book, 1837-1889, Attest #36 (right page): Jakob Teofilus Luhti, to Storkyro, 5.4.1877; shown on page 1178 in the communion book http://en.www.digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuid=8346447&kuvanumero=188&ay=2567825&sartun=206988.KA&atun=165823.KA&amnimeke=Ylistaron+seurakunnan+arkisto&sarnimi=Seurakuntaan+muuttaneiden+luettelot&aynimi=Seurakuntaan+muuttaneiden+luettelot+1837-1889&ay2=122507

Isokyrö Move in Book, 1872-1883 (left page, 3rd name): Jakob Teofilus Mattsson Luhti, 6.4.1877, to Ollila, Page 575 http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/isokyro/muuttaneet_1872-1883_mko3/15.htm

Isokyrö Communion Book, 1872-1881, Page 575 (about middle of page): Moved to a farm on page 545 in this same book... http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/isokyro/rippikirja_1872-1881_mko242-271/555.htm

Page 545: Shown with wife Susanna Lisa and daughter Hilma Maria http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/isokyro/rippikirja_1872-1881_mko242-271/525.htm

08-12-18, 19:03
Institute of Migration Passport Information: Greta Sofia Mattsdr Luhti and Isak Oskar Matsson Luhti

08-12-18, 19:05
Institute of Migration Reference Records, Matti Luhti

11-12-18, 17:09
the second wife of Matts Luhti was Anna Jaakontytär Parkkisenniemi, born 24.7.1851, Taivalkoski...communion book shows she went to America in 1888...they were married 4.1.1890, Franklin, Michigan (first entry, Matts' name misspelled)...

11-12-18, 18:41
Thank you all so much for all this information! I got so much more, much more quickly than I anticipated. I can’t wait to go over it all!

11-12-18, 23:51
you're welcome...glad i could help...let me know if you have any questions...