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Karen Norwillo
12-12-18, 16:42
Does anyone know where I might find proof of a divorce in Gerby, Korsholm. Johan Hermansson Jern 6.1.1857 married Johanna Hermansdotter Hjerpe. Church books state he left for Amerika in 1882. He is carried with family up to 1897-1906. Johanna died 30.1.1904 in Korsholm. WA Marriages has him remarried to Annie L Alm in 1903. 1900 census has him as divorced. Possibly Johanna divorced him for desertion??? Was it normal to continue to carry him with family 20 years later? Thanks.

Karen Norwillo
12-12-18, 17:46
Found an interesting newspaper obit for Annie Jern, Johan's second wife. Says she swallowed carbolic acid and committed suicide a year after Johan died. Says Mr. Jern was married twice and had a wife and children in the "old country." Says they were "free thinkers and didn't believe in any church or religion." They were married by a Justice of the Peace. From the Lynden Tribune 6 May 1909

Karen Norwillo
12-12-18, 22:18
Johan is also found in the 1908 death book in Gerby, Korsholm with date of 23 Feb 1908 from stroke. Strange.