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June Pelo
10-01-19, 21:30
Researchers David Emmy and Peter Craig of the Swedish Colonial Society have proved that George Bush descends from Måns Andersson, who moved in 1640 to New Sweden colony from Värmland, Sweden. In 1900 Finnish New Sweden colony researchers Salomon Ilmonen and E. A. Louhi had come to the conclusion that Måns Andersson was of Finnish origin, but it's impossible to verify since Sillerud church records burned.

Sillerud and its surroundings received a lot of settlers from Savo province of Finland, the so-called Forest Finns. Professor Juha Pentikäinen has said that instead of New Sweden, the colony should have been named New Finland.

It has been verified by American researchers that Måns Andersson was a forefather of the Bushes. According to the genealogist Matti Höök's thesis presented in Finnish media, Måns Andersson's father was a Finn who had settled in Värmland, Sweden from Juva, Finland.

The late President Bush fell in love with the Finnish practice of sauna when he visited Finland as Vice President in 1983. He informed his hosts that he'd really like a good sauna. The Sauna Association in Helsinki arranged for him to be taken to sauna by the vice president of Kone Corporation. Mr. Bush enjoyed it so much he stayed two or three hours, upsetting his timetable. He shared this story in his book "All the Best, George Bush: My Life in Letters and Other Writings."

FAR, January 2019