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13-01-19, 21:15

Where can I find marriage records from South Africa?

Looking for marriage of Mattias (Matts) Isakson Knuts (/Matt Isaacson..???) and a norwegian woman.
He is buried in Rustenburg old cemetary, Bojanala, North west. Would also like a picture of his grave but have not gotten any answers to my request.
He was born May 10 1885 - May 21 1917. He arrived (?) in South Africa Nov 15 1905.
Any kind of information is mostly appreciated!

14-01-19, 00:57
Here is the Institute of Migration in Turku/ Åbo's passenger record for Matts Isaksson Knuts, leaving Hanko/Hangö for South Africa in 1904:

First names Matts
Age or age group 27
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Kapkaupunki
State of destination *
Country of destination ZA
Price of ticket FIM 340
Ship from Finland Astraea
Date of departure from Finland 19.11.1904
Ship from England Gaseon
Date of departure from England 25.11.1904
Ocean Line Union Castle
Port of departure in England *
List and page 40/94
Remarks *

14-01-19, 06:04
Thank you :)

15-01-19, 01:42
I see you are in Turku? If so, you might be able to find his passport?

I cannot help on the South Africa side of the research, but presumably so soon after the 2nd Boer War there'd be records?
I do know that my great-grandmother and great-uncles had their birth dates and so on entered in the Church books in Korsnäs even though they were living in the middle of Clinton County, Pennsyltucky! I was a bit surprised at this when I found the record in Finnish Church books but nowhere in Pennsylvania or the evangelical Lutheran Church records....

Good luck!

First names Matts
Other names *
Date of birth . .1877
Marital status 2
Religion Lut.
Occupation Taloll. pka
Home parish Jepua
Province VAA
Passport date 14.11.1904
Passport number 3100
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Afrikka
Passport issued by VAA
Remarks Sj vaimo.

Would he already be married before his voyage south?

15-01-19, 09:46
Hello! A lot of Turku passport records from the beginning of the 1900s are located in Turku Provincial Archive (specifically see The Old Police Archive Series here: http://www.narc.fi:8080/VakkaWWW/Selaus.action;jsessionid=F4C776894A7D770DA4228DCF7 89191BA?lista=sarjat&kuvailuTaso=A&avain=112051.KA). I have access, but I'm busy at least until Friday, but I'll see what I can do for you.

15-01-19, 20:50
Hello, this is not the right Matts..he was from Kantlax or could be Munsala. He wasn't married. I have to go to thd emigration centre to look it up :) Thank you anyway :)

15-01-19, 20:54
Hi! Tried to look there but didn't quickly find anything..

June Pelo
15-01-19, 22:45
I have Matts Isaksson Knuts, 1885-1917, in my data. According to Henrik Mangs, genealogist in Närpes, he was born in Vexala, but there are 4 people in My Heritage who show he was born in Kantlax. Perhaps Henrik has more information.

16-01-19, 16:12
According to Munsala baptist book, Matias Isaksson Knuts was born 10/5 1885 in Kantlax, Munsala.

Munsala > födda, 1871-1892 > 157: 1885 april maj, sid 313.
Munsala > kommunionbok, 1880-1890 > 130: Kantlax by, No 2 Knuts, sid 188.
Munsala > kommunionbok, 1891-1900 > 115: Kantlax by, Nro 2. Knuts, sid 134.
Munsala > kommunionbok, 1901-1910 > 168: Kantlaks by, Nr. 2. Knuts, sid 185.

In the communion book 1901-1910 is noted: 23/10-05 i Afrika.


18-01-19, 15:15
I visited the provincial archives, but found no records of a passport for Matts Isaksson Knuts or anything similar in the police archives.

18-01-19, 17:21
I have more info about him somewhere but that doesn't help..I know where he is buried and have asked for a photo of his grave if it still exists. My great grandfather said he had married a woman from Norway but no names..

18-01-19, 17:25
They probably moved to Kantlax from Vexala during that time.

18-01-19, 17:29
I found the family moved in 1815 to kantlax