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Karen Norwillo
25-01-19, 17:24
Confused about this person who was married to Lars Friedrich Hoffman/Hophman/ Haffman etc. Only birth I found in Pedersöre was 16 Aug 1760 to Eric Ericsson and Maria Lisa Davidsdotter on Sandbacka. But this child is found as died just days later and buried 24 Aug 1760. I found these images. Maria was listed as from Sandb. Skutnabb farm at time of 1781 marriage to Lars. Both Maria and Lars died as Björklund in Pedersöre. Her age at death was 52 which matches a 1760 birth. Any thoughts? Several trees on Talko give the 16 Aug 1760 birth. I found the family after marriage on several church records, but no birth stats for Maria.

25-01-19, 20:56
Mistakes happen. If all other records indicate that this is the correct Maria Elisabeth, then she most likely is. Was there some other child in the village who died in that time frame?

Jaska Sarell
25-01-19, 21:57
At least she is listed at the time of marriage under Johan Davidsson at Sandbacka as syst.d. (sister's daughter) with dob 6 Aug 1760:
Earlier communion book doesn't list younger people, but these can be seen:
- Father died when they lived at Nymans: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9584542
- Widow moved (to live in brother's family) to Sandbacka: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9584550

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
25-01-19, 22:42
Thank you both. It would appear the death book entry was not for her. Much appreciated.