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24-02-19, 23:50
I am currently trying to find out what happened to Pehr Pehrsson Syväjärvi. I have him last located in Alatornio in 1868 but can't find him after that. I have looked in the Lastenkirja records for 1891-1900 but cannot find him. Can anyone help me locate him and his family. Did they move out of the country??


Karen Norwillo
26-02-19, 16:29
Do you have the image from FFHA? I enlarged the notation on the far right but can't read. Maybe you can. I see that 3 of their children died during the 1862-1868 time period. I see he's listed as soldat.

28-02-19, 12:39
It's very hard to make out. I see "pliktad" and "stöld" so, he stole something, but the rest is pretty much chicken scratch.

28-02-19, 21:49

01-03-19, 16:53
I appreciate everyone's help with this. I was just re-looking at the page from 1868 and saw that it said till Pg 119 so he had to have moved somewhere. I looked at the writing and thought it might say Stad so I decided to try Tornea Stad or Tornio and was able to find him exactly on that page. Thanks again for all your guys help.

01-03-19, 23:21
With the better quality picture, I think it says:

"Liderlig, pliktat 1830 för 5 res L L; 1854 med enskild skrift för delaktighet i stöldh. B. N. p. 38, 44. Br. Fno 36, 41, 46."

Loosely translating, this means:

"Lewd. Punished 1830 for 5 instances of sex out of wedlock; 1854 with personal confession for involvement in theft. Crime number page 38, 44. Crime page number 36, 41, 46."

I've never seen "lewd" before. Liderlig probably means that Pehr was known for, basically, being improper, lewd and a womanizer.

Karen Norwillo
02-03-19, 02:10
1830? Wasn't he born in 1825? Kind of young for sex, in or out of marriage.:confused: