View Full Version : Alfred Nylund (b Kalljärvi in Purmo 18 Dec 1881 - d in Yankton, Yankton SD May 1948)

Alf Blomqvist
02-04-19, 15:10
I have following info from Ellis Island:

Name: Alfred Nylund
Event Type: Immigration
Event Date: 25 May 1905
Event Place: Ellis Island, New York City, New York, United States
Residence Place: Forsley
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Finland, Finnish
Birth Year: 1881
Departure Port: Liverpool
Ship Name: Teutonic
Arrival Contact Name: Edla Petterson
Arrival Contact Name Relationship: Aunt
Page Number: 70
Affiliate Line Number: 0014

I suppouse Forsley means Forsby in Pedersöre.

According to travelling info he was travelling to Lake Charles, LA. His aunt lived in the area.

I think he had a family.

Karen Norwillo
02-04-19, 16:26
There is much conflicting information about an Alfred Nylund on Ancestry family trees. Was his father Niklas Nylund? Trees have him married to an Ida Anderson and a family in Rhinelander, Oneida, Wisconsin. Birth date matches yours, but date of death shown as 1925 in Wisconsin. BUT, headstone has different year of birth. If you think this might be your Alfred I will post more.

Karen Norwillo
02-04-19, 17:10
Whoever posted that tree must have his Alfred mixed up. The Wisconsin Alfred Nylund was born 22 Sep 1874. He is not the same one you seek. The parentage on that tree belong to your 1881 Alfred.

Alf Blomqvist
02-04-19, 18:37
Tnx Karen!

Please send information and I'll try to correct as much as I can. The death info is from Alfred's younger brother Nils/Nels Nylund 6 May 1952

Karen Norwillo
02-04-19, 23:29
Alf, All the information on Alfred's parents and siblings appears to be correct, but they have it attached to the wrong Alfred. The tree with the most information is posted by Magnus Nylund and surprisingly we are shown to be distant cousins, 5th-8th cousins. There are 2 other trees, but it appears they just copied the data from Magnus. None of them seem to have correct data of Alfred 1881 after he arrived 1905. I did find aunt Edla who was Niklaus sister and married Isaac Peterson. The wife and family of the 1874 Alfred is not your 1881 Alfred. Do you need any of the Finland data? Karen

Alf Blomqvist
03-04-19, 13:15
Karen, Magnus Nylund is my second cousin and I have access to his tree on Ancestry, so you don't need to send me anything.

According to Alfred's younger brother Nils/Nels Nylund Alfred dead in May 1948 in Yankton, Yankton County, WI (6 May 1952).

Do you have access to death records in Rhinelander and may check Alfred's info there?

Nice that we are related. I searched from Talko, but could not find a connection.

Have you made DNA test(s)?

Karen Norwillo
03-04-19, 14:17
Yes, I did the DNA test. I'll send you an invitation to view my information on Ancestry. I sent you some info this morning, so if you already have it just delete. I sent it to your email.