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June Pelo
13-04-19, 18:10
Ca 1910 Finnish engineer and businessman Gustaf Wrede traveled to the US to learn more about vehicle production. He worked for a number of automotive companies and from 1912-14 worked as chief engineer for Jackson Automobile Company. It was located in Jackson, Michigan. In 1914, Wrede returned to Finland and became chief engineer of Abojenmanufaktur where he developed the Kullervo tractor. It is believed that he also helped import four Hackett automobiles to Finland. The Hackett was one of four car models manufactured by the Jackson company. It has been discovered that three of the Hackett automobiles were owned by the firm called Keskusosuusliike Labor. One vehicle with number 1171 was in Helsinki; the second vehicle, number 1173, was in Vasa, and the third vehicle, number 1198 was in Porvoo. The fourth Hackett car, with vehicle number 1195, was owned by the firm Lassila & Tikanoja in Vasa.

In September 2018 the museum director in Jackson, received an email from Juha Kaitanen of Sippoo, Finland with a picture of a Hackett automobile with a license plate dated 1926. The picture was printed in the Uusi Auni newspaper in 1926, stating that there were two Hackett-Jackson automobiles being sold as used cars. In 1927 the newspaper Hufvudsbladet published an ad stating "AbStockmann Oy in Helsinki is selling a Hackett 5-passenger touring with a 4 cylinder engine and new tires."

The museum director is hoping the people of Finland will spread the word about his search for the Hackett cars and he will fly to Finland to meet anyone who owns one of them. If he can locate a car, a supporter of the museum will buy it and have it shipped to the museum in Michigan.

More Information can be found at [url]www.HackettAutoMuseum.org[url]

Email can be sent to Ted O'Dell at: info%40hackettautomuseum.org

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