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June Pelo
19-05-19, 23:09
Does anyone have a clue as to where this family came from:
Johan Jakobsson Spoof, b. 25 Mar 1824, married to Anna Kristina Abrahamsdotter/Zachrisdotter Tokä/Tokoi,b. 28 Jan 1826. They had 3 daughters:
-Anna Sofia Johansdotter Spoof, b. 8 Jun 1851, married to Matts Leander Mattsson Lillåivo, b. 1843 in Karleby parish. They lived for a while in Karelia. Matts Leander and Anna Sofia had a son Matts Alfred Lindell, b. 30 Aug 1874, who married Ida Maria Andersdotter Tiilikainen.
- Maria Lovisa Johansdotter Spoof, b. 1 Nov 1857.
- Amanda Kristina Johansdotter Spoof, b. 4 Aug 1860.

Spoof appears to be a military name according to what I saw on HisKi. It shows up in about 15 parishes.

June Pelo
21-05-19, 02:10
I found a genealogist in Finland who had a bit of info. and it was enough to put me on the right track.. I now can put together a tree for this family. They were from Nedervetil and Kannus.. used names of Anttihilli and Haavisto... Spoof was a soldier's name they used from 1861.