View Full Version : Looking for relatives based in Esse

Carolyn Nelson
27-06-19, 19:22
Hoping to find anyone descended from Johan Andersson Lillkåll, born 14.7.1854 in Kållby. Daughter Hilda f. 16.3.1881 is Grandmother of the person I am asking information for. Trying to find any living relatives for a person who is coming on a tour in a couple weeks and hopes to meet relatives. Thanks We do have the genealogy chart of descendents but have not found anyone yet. Names on chart are Lill, Nyfelt, Svenlin.

June Pelo
28-06-19, 01:28
I have a Johan Andersson Lillkåll-Koll, b. 4 Apr 1851, Pedersöre.. he had a daughter Hilda, b. 16 Mar 1881, Pedersöre, who married Alexander Peterson, b. 26 Aug 1871, Esse. Is this the family you're looking for? Are you looking for relatives in Finland? Hilda and Alexander had 5 children, born in Michigan and Minnesota. I don't see the names Lill, Nyfelt or Svenlin among people associated with Johan Koll.