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Karen Norwillo
15-08-19, 23:45
Can anyone read the notation about Anders? Last church attendance in 1868. The next rippikirja just says Ryssland. I know that's Russia. Thanks

18-08-19, 12:24
Do you have a bigger picture? I can barely make out the text, let alone what it says. I think the last words are "i Ryssland" based on the shape and what you said though.

Also where is this notation from? I can't it find it on either of these pages:

Karen Norwillo
18-08-19, 15:56
Found on sshy 130568&pnum=134. 1888-1897 Gers. Here's the whole image. He's on the next rippi, but all it says is i Ryssland

Jaska Sarell
18-08-19, 17:30
å fremd. ort sedan 1868; i Ryssland (fremd. = fremmande/främmande)
on unknown location since 1868; in Russia

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
18-08-19, 22:51
Thank you!