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20-08-19, 10:58

looking for his parents and siblings and date of death. As far as I know he had 2 sons and 2 daughters, but on My Heritage I found more children. Karl was father of my granny and she never knew that there would have been more siblings.

Karl-Gustav was born dec 31 1835 in kantlax, munsala. He married Greta Eriksdotter Spåra born aug 7 1844.
I have the children Anna Lovisa, Sanna Brita, August and Karl.

I guess his father must have been Mårten Byman? I would like to find a tree with ancestors back to the 1600's but haven´t managed to do that.

I have been reseaching other ancestors so much that I forgot to look at my perhaps closest ancestor..my grandmother was important to me and I don´t even have her great grandparents in my tree :/
Luckily I found her aunts and cousins when she was still living.

20-08-19, 11:02
I would also like to know more about the GRANDfather of Greta Eriksdotter Spåra born aug 7 1844. Gretas father was Erik Johansson Spåra (1815-1894), married to Anna Brita Carl-Fredriksdotter Bast. Her GRANDfathers name I believe was Johan Olofsson Spåra born 1775. Possibly married to Elisabeth Eriksdotter X. I found this in one tree but I would like confirmation.

Appreciate all information =)

20-08-19, 14:11
Munsala Communion Book, 1854-1860, Kantlax By 7, Skytt: Carl Gustaf Mårtensson, born 31.12.1835; parents Mårten Ericksson Byman, born 5.11.1794; and Elsa Eriksdotter, born 12.7.1804 https://astia.narc.fi/astiaUi/digiview.php?imageId=9028248&aytun=2703419.KA

Family also shown here in Munsala Communion Book, 1845-1853 https://en-dot-digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?hakid=23325&kuvanumero=136&ay=2703417&sartun=115709.KA&atun=165777.KA&amnimeke=Munsala+f%C3%B6rsamlings+arkiv&sarnimi=Huvud-+och+kommunionb%C3%B6cker&aynimi=Kommunionbok++1845-1853&kuid=9027582

20-08-19, 14:20
i think this could be the marriage record in HisKi...

June Pelo
20-08-19, 17:07
I saw the Byman family data on Talko database.. if you're a member, you can find the family there. The name previously was Fusius.

20-08-19, 19:45
Thank you so much!
Have to check talko, but I think I never hot the registration to work out..

21-08-19, 04:09
Greta's father, Erik Johansson Spåra was born 16.8.1814, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/b90zbh?en+0338+kastetut+6994

Munsala Communion Book, 1824-1830, Kantlax By 5, Spåra: Johan Johansson, born 11.9.1782; wife Greta Eriksdr, born 18.3.1790; 5 children (2 of whom died), including Erik Johansson, born 16.8.1814 https://astia.narc.fi/astiaUi/digiview.php?imageId=9026728&aytun=2703310.KA

From HisKi: Johan, born 11.9.1782, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/b90zbh?en+0338+kastetut+3011

From HisKi: Margareta, born 18.3.1790 http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/b90zbh?en+0338+kastetut+3780

From HisKi: Johan Johansson Spåra and Greta Eriksdr Flygar married 13.7.1810, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/b90zbh?en+0338+vihityt+1032

From HisKi: Children born to Johan Johansson and Greta Eriksdr at Spåra (should be confirmed via Munsala birth records)

21-08-19, 04:27
Munsala Communion Book, 1798-1803, Kantlax By 5, Spåra: Johan Isaacsson, born 27.4.1749; wife Christina Olofsdr, born 5.3.1755; 6 children, including Johan, born 11.9.1782 https://astia.narc.fi/astiaUi/digiview.php?imageId=9025880&aytun=2703307.KA

From HisKi: Johan, born 27.4.1749, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/b90zbh?en+0338+kastetut+358

From HisKi: Christina, born 5.3.1755, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/b90zbh?en+0338+kastetut+696

From HisKi: Children born to Johan Isaacsson and Christina Olofsdr (should be verified via Munsala birth records)

21-08-19, 04:45
Munsala Communion Book, 1780-1785, Monäs 5, Knuts: Isaac Isaacsson, born 1727; wife Anna Mattsdr, born 1724; 6? children https://astia.narc.fi/astiaUi/digiview.php?imageId=24222472&aytun=1605432.KA

From HisKi: Children born to Isak Isaksson and Anna Mattsdr

21-08-19, 05:29
Munsala Communion Book, 1798-1803, Flygar: Eric Ericsson, born 6.10.1756; wife Anna Simonsdr, born 7.6.1757; 10 children, including Margaretha, born 18.3.1760 https://en-dot-digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?hakid=23319&kuvanumero=202&ay=2703307&sartun=115709.KA&atun=165777.KA&amnimeke=Munsala+f%C3%B6rsamlings+arkiv&sarnimi=Huvud-+och+kommunionb%C3%B6cker&aynimi=Kommunionbok++1798-1803&kuid=9025901

From HisKi: Erick Ericksson Flygar and Anna Simonsdr Laggar married 13.10.1776 http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/b9c5lj?en+0338+vihityt+460

From HisKi: Children born to Eric Ericsson and Anna Simonsdr

21-08-19, 05:40
From HisKi: Anna, born 7.6.1757, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/b9c5lj?en+0338+kastetut+863

Eric Ericsson, born 6.10.1756, was shown as the foster son of Johan Sjöberg, born 1718; and Christina Jacobsdr, born 1721..he may have been born 22.4.1756, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/b9c5lj?en+0338+kastetut+773

21-08-19, 13:57
Munsala Communion Book, 1762-1767, Laggar: Simon (Jacobsson), born 1731; wife Margareta, born 1735...Simon's parents are Jacob Simonsson, born 14.4.1705; and Brita Mattsdr, born 1700 https://astia.narc.fi/astiaUi/digiview.php?imageId=9040597&aytun=2703302.KA

21-08-19, 14:46
From HisKi: Erik Johansson Spåra and Anna Brita Carlsdr Bast married 13.12.1839, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/bahczb?en+0338+vihityt+1654

From HisKi: Anna Brita, born 24.7.1812, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/bahczb?en+0338+kastetut+6704

I think there was a mistake in HisKi, with regard to the name of Anna Brita's father...HisKi shows Carl Petter Bast but the communion books show Carl Fredrik Bast...

Munsala Communion Book, 1831-1844, Torpare Wäxala, Helsing Bast: Carl Fredrik, born 16.9.1775; wife Maria Johansdr, born 26.8.1779; son Matts, born 6.3.1811; daughter Anna Brita, born 24.7.1812; Anna Brita married (gift) and to farm on page 294 in this same book; that farm was Spåra, where Anna Brita is shown with husband Erik Johansson, born 16.8.1814 https://astia.narc.fi/astiaUi/digiview.php?imageId=9027368&aytun=2703415.KA

Munsala Communion Book, 1817-1823, Wäxala by 9, Smeds: Carl Fredr. Bast, born 16.5.1775; wife Maria Johansdr, born 26.8.1779; son Mats, born 8.6.1811; daughter Anna Brita, born 24.7.1812; Daughters Caisa Sofia and Caisa, both of whom died young https://astia.narc.fi/astiaUi/digiview.php?imageId=9026490&aytun=2703309.KA

Carl Bast died 14.5.1847, Helsing, Wexala, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/bafdmm?en+0338+haudatut+9635

From HisKi: Children born to Carl Fredrik Bast and Maria Johansdr...HisKi shows Isaac, born 6.3.1811; but the name is corrected to Mats in the 1817-1823 Communion Book...

21-08-19, 15:02
From HisKi: Carl Fredrich, born 15.8.1775, Munsala...maybe... http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/bahczb?en+0338+kastetut+2309

From HisKi: Maria, born 26.8.1779, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/bahczb?en+0338+kastetut+2706

Munsala Communion Book, 1798-1803, Smeds: Johan Johansson, born 31.8.1753; wife Brita Ericsdr, born 15.7.1751; 6 children, including Maria, born 26.8.1779 https://astia.narc.fi/astiaUi/digiview.php?imageId=9025930&aytun=2703307.KA

21-08-19, 15:44
From HisKi: Drg. (Hired Man) Carl Petter Kempe and Maria Johansdr Smeds married 22.7.1804, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/bahczb?en+0338+vihityt+912

Munsala Communion Book, 1798-1803, Drängar ute Wexala by: Carl Fredriksson (sic) Kempe, born 26.8.1775 https://astia.narc.fi/astiaUi/digiview.php?imageId=9025944&aytun=2703307.KA

Perhaps mistakes in HisKi and the Communion Book, as Carl Petter Kempe may be Carl Fredrik (Kempe) Bast?

HisKi shows Carl Johan, born 30.9.1804, Wexala Smeds, Munsala; parents Carl Petter Kempe and Maria Johansdr...and Carl Johan, died 7.7.1805, Wexala Helsing, Munsala; age 9 months, 2 weeks, 3 days; Relative Carl Petter Kämpe...unfortunately, the communion book for those years does not seem to be available...

21-08-19, 17:45
Munsala Communion Book, 1786-1792, Soldater: Sold Petter Kempe, born 1756; wife Catharina johansdr, born 1749; son Carl Fredrik, born 1775; son Anders, born 1781...maybe... http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9025653

From HisKi: Sold Carl Petter Flinta, Caisa Johansdr married 2.10.1774, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/barrxy?en+0338+vihityt+426

From HisKi: Carl Petter Kempe, age 63 years, died 27.6.1819, Växala Helsing, Munsala http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/barrxy?en+0338+haudatut+6241

From HisKi: Children born to Carl Petter Flintta/Peter Flinta and Caisa Johansdr

It would appear that Carl Petter Flintta/Flinta and Petter Kempe are the same person...

21-08-19, 17:48
Maria and Johan both died young...