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June Pelo
07-10-19, 15:53
Someone asked about this old Schottische music "Johan Persnicken". Does anyone know anything about it?

June Pelo
07-10-19, 21:17
I've just been told it should be Johan på Snicken .. Schottische in C. Does that make sense to someone?

09-10-19, 18:47
I did a fast search online and have these two websites copied...there are several sites but these may explain. Thanks for reminding me about the schottische; use to love it.

JOHAN PA SNIPPEN. Scandinavian, Schottische. A popular folk melody among the Scandinavian community in northern Wisconsin (Leavy).

Johann på Snippen (John the workman) - A Schottische ...

https://www.youtube.com › watch

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Jun 18, 2009 - Uploaded by k0rc
Here's Lloyd and Robert again, this time playing a Scandinavian classic, Johann på Snippen. These basement ...
Missing: C

June Pelo
10-10-19, 21:35
Thanks for your help. I've just received this copy of words and music from someone in Finland.