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Karen Norwillo
11-11-19, 23:47
Does anyone have knowledge of Scandinavian designs used in woven quilts and coverlets? I was contacted by the Cascade Locks Museum in Oregon about a coverlet donated by a distant cousin. Her mother Brita Lisa Jakobsdotter Knuts 1856-1947 made the coverlet from start to finish, gathering flax, making the thread and weaving the design. I'd be interested in knowing if this design was traditional to Munsala where she was born.

12-11-19, 19:12
Karen. There is lot of info and photos on Facebook page
Sfhs - swedish Finns. June posted this thread there. I shared it with FB page for Munsala. Enjoy!!

Karen Norwillo
12-11-19, 21:14
I just rejoined Facebook and the Sfhs group.How do I find the Munsala page?

June Pelo
12-11-19, 21:57
I asked SFHS where the Munsala Facebook group is and this is what they sent.. Looks like it's all Swedish:

Karen Norwillo
12-11-19, 22:51
I found the page where the coverlet is posted and have heard from many of my friends from here. Alf calls it a granntäck and his is almost identical except for a slight color variation. I'm wondering if there's any significance to the design.

Karen Norwillo
13-11-19, 14:11
Heard again from the nice lady who originally contacted me. She has consulted Joanne Hall who teaches weaving in the Northwest. She says the weaving appears to be from the back with 8 pick up patterns in the main body and 4 in the floral horizontal stripes. There are tabby shots between the pattern shots. The border is Smalandsvar and the center Krabbasvar. Interesting. She sent a closeup

June Pelo
13-11-19, 14:34
The pictures on Facebook generated a lot of favorable comments.

Karen Norwillo
13-11-19, 15:32
Should be Krabbasnår. Couldn't read my own scribble.