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09-04-04, 23:57

Hello Everyone

Just to let you know that I am still around and sorry that I haven`t contributed anything for a few weeks. I am still trying to read all the other contributions though. My sister and brother in law from Australia have arrived and will be staying with us, off and on, for the next few weeks, so am not able to settle to any serious Finlander (or any other) websiting at the moment - too busy showing my family the sights of Norfolk. Feel a bit guilty about not contributing, but I promise to be back again in a few weeks. In the meantime, I remain in "reading mode".


10-04-04, 01:21
Hello Gwenda

I wondered where you'd gotten to lately! I know how life gets in the way sometimes.

03-05-04, 22:06
Hi again all

Sadly, family departed on their further travels a.m. yesterday, but as you will see from two messages posted earlier tonight I am now back in full flow. Haven`t yet read all the messages I missed while I was entertaining family and showing them the sights of Norfolk (and Ireland) but intend to do so tonight, so there might even be one or two other words of wisdom forthcoming from yours truly tonight - making up for lost time. Good to be back

:D :D :D (because it is good to be back) :( :( :( (because family have gone)