View Full Version : Brick walls broken

June Pelo
22-11-19, 22:34
This has been an interesting week.. I helped two people break through their brick walls. A woman in Finland knew her father was illegitimate and she finally was able to find the name of his father. She learned that her grandfather was born in the US to Finnish parents and when he was 26 he visited relatives in Finland. He stayed about a year and returned to the US, not knowing he left a pregnant girlfriend whose son grew up, married and had children. She was one of them and was determined to find her father's father in the US. She was able to get his name from church records in Finland and spent years advertising online, searching for information. I saw one of her queries and we started to work. With the help of someone on Finlander Forum, as well as a member of SFHS, we found information about him and learned where he was buried.. sent her pictures of his grave, his World War II record, etc. She now feels at peace knowing who he was and a bit about his life. She plans to fly to the US next year to visit his grave... and to take me to lunch.

The other brick wall involved a woman who had some names of ancestors, but didn't know how they fit into her ancestry. She had posted queries online for more than 5 years with no results. Someone gave her my name and, with the help of a member of Finlander, we were able to find the baptism record of her great great great grandfather, checked out his descendants, some of whom were on Geni, and we gave her a family tree back to 1729.