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Kaj Granlund
10-04-04, 12:58
Can somebody give me an advise:
I am looking for Frank Anderson born 23 Jul 1887 immigrated 1906 from Finland. He and his family w Sophie 40 Years, s Arthur 18 years d. Anne 17 and Grace 14 were living in Norwood MA in census 1930.

In the soc.sec. death index is a Frank Anderson who died sept 1973 in Kansas City , Wyandotte, Kansas.There his birth is 25 jul 1887. So he can be the same person.
His soc. sec number was given in Maryland.
Where could I find an obituary or some information to check this guy?

10-04-04, 16:25
Hi Kaj,
Here's a link that you could try for Wyandotte County, Kansas genealogy: http://skyways.lib.ks.us/kansas/genweb/wyandott/index.html

There's a link on that page for the Kansas Genweb Message Board. Maybe you could post a request and get some information.

Good luck,

Kaj Granlund
10-04-04, 23:23
Thanks, I will try that. Hope there are as nice people on that site like You are:D

11-04-04, 01:39
Hi Kaj,
There must be an error here. If he's born in 1887, he's 19 when he travels in 1906 so that can't be his wife age 40 or son age 18 so something is rotten in Denmark.


11-04-04, 02:26
Hi Kaj,
Thanks for the compliment but I'm just trying to help others like I've been helped. I think that's what makes forums like this so great because everyone seems to be so willing to help each other.

Hi Chuck,
I think Kaj was saying those were the ages in 1930 (from the census?)

11-04-04, 04:18
I knew that...didn't you think I knew that?

Thanks Kev, I wasn't reading it too closely. That does seem a lot better so then he was 19 at immigration. Hehe:) I am still chuckling over the incongruity of it all, a 40 year old wife and an 18 year old son. Kinda like one of those tv shows where he went forward in time or backward? Hmm, great idea for a tv show what with the inane stuff one finds these days.
Still, I could not find him at Ellis Island nor at the migration institute site so I suppose he went via Boston or Philadelphia?


Kaj Granlund
11-04-04, 12:46
You two ...:D :D
Chuck You are right. He baught tickets to Boston and left from Finland 23 May 1906 and from Liverpool 29 May 1906 with Ivernia to Boston. His destination was Boston MA.
We found him in Norwood MA in the census 1930 with his wife who then was 40 Years and son who was 18 years old and two daughters.

11-04-04, 19:49
So he was in that state. Maybe we can still find him at a church in that state. I remember seeing odd location names which didn't appear on modern maps but a commercial atlas at Swenson listed all of those localities which had been absorbed into bigger towns and cities. It was a great church secretary in one of those MA churches which wrote that a boy was confirmed on such and such date and not only that but giving the town where that was done so that led to me finding the family. Just a lucky break there so maybe a recheck of those churches will find this guy.
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Kaj Granlund
11-04-04, 20:05
Christ is indeed risen!!!
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Kaj Granlund
12-04-04, 09:47
Just to complete the information on him:
He seems to be mixed with a Frank E Erikson in Gardner MA all the time, also in the church records here in Finland. I checked the family of Frank E Erikson but we found out that it was not him. From the obituary of his sister who lived in Worcester MA I know that my Frank in 1927 lived in Norwood MA and Kev found them in the census 1930 in Norwood too.
So this is what I have now:

Husband: Frans Emil Storkull #16621 census name Frank Anderson 1
Born: 23-07-1887 in Lappfjärd Dagsmark
Emigrated: 23-05-1906 from Finland 29-05-1906 to U.S.A Boston from Liverpool with Ivernia
Occupation: worked in a Clothes Mill
Father: Anders Konstantin Andersson Rosenblad #14179
Mother: Christina Karl Fredriksdotter Skrivars #14200

Can this information be for the same person?

Frank ANDERSON Birth Date: 25 Jul 1887 Death Date: Sep 1973 Social Security
Number: 215-07-7251 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Maryland Death
Residence Localities ZIP Code: 66104 Localities: Kansas City, Wyandotte,
Wife: Sofia / Lydia #16752
Married: ABT 1910 in MA
resided (family): 1927 in Norwood MA according to the obituary
1927 as his sister died in Worcester MA
also 1930 census
Born: abt 1889 in Finland
M Child 1: Arthur Anderson #16753
Born: abt 1912 in MA
Occupation: worked in a Bindery (census inform)
F Child 2: Anne Anderson #16754
Born: abt 1913 in MA
F Child 3: Grace Anderson #16755
Born: abt 1916 in MA
(1) Census 1930 (U.S.A.).

15-04-04, 03:18
Frans Anderson and wife Lydia, not members of Emanuel Lutheran in Norwood MA [Swenson S120], caused their daughter, Anna Evelina, born 12 Mars 1913, to be baptized on April 25, 1913. Witnesses were Arvid Hermanson and his wife, Otto Granroth?, and Fanny Mäki.

Just to keep everybody in the know. I was not able to find the baptismal record for siblings Arthur, born about 1912 and Grace, about 1916 so probably they had that done elsewhere.


Kaj Granlund
15-04-04, 06:34
You also found that the name of the wife was Lydia. I checked the online social security index with that information and found this woman as the only Lydia Anderson in Norwood MA. Why hadn't I done that before?
Lydia ANDERSON Birth Date: 12 Jan 1890 Death Date: Dec 1980 Social Security Number: 010-30-8824 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Massachusetts Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 02032 Localities: E Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts East Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts Death Benefit Localities Zip Code: 02062 Localities: Norwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Name and residence seem to match. I estimated her birthyear to 1889 from the 1930 census information. But beginning of 1890 is very possible too.
So I will have to try to find her obit "somewhere over the rainbow"