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Karen Norwillo
14-02-20, 22:33
Very confusing information on this man and his family. Found his birth 10 Jul 1810 Stenvatten, Purmo. Marriage 1830 to Anna Andersdotter Mattbäck 13 May 1808 Esse. Found many births, but mother's patronymic varies as Andersdotter and Johansdotter. Someone on Ancestry has him as Träisk born Stenvatten, but I find him or family anywhere under that name. Following him in births for family, which I find in many rippi, he is on Stenvatten, Nars/Naars and Kornjärvi farms. The same children carry over to each farm. Can anyone help clarify? :confused:

Karen Norwillo
15-02-20, 02:49
Anna should be found as Andersdotter and Mattsdotter, not Johansdotter. Purmo rippi all say Mattsdotter. 1852-1859 rippi has them in Purmo book, but Ryttarbacka, Utmark, Pedersöre.

Jaska Sarell
15-02-20, 12:44
Indeed very confusing :confused:
Anna is definitely Andersdotter, as in Esse CB before moving to Purmo: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=22518867
According to Caino-Torp (Kainu-Torppa) family book Torp table 2251 Gustaf Christoffersson's parents were Christoffer Mattsson Stenvatten-Hästö (b. 25 Dec 1774 Kronoby) and Margareta Andersdr Träisk (b. 11 Oct 1771), married 1799 in Pedersöre.
Purmo CB has their birth years as 1780 and 1785: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9035555
I have not checked what's gone wrong with birth dates. Children born at Träisk and Masaholm in Lepplax and at Stenvatten in Purmo, according to HisKi.

:) Jaska

June Pelo
15-02-20, 15:04
I have both of those people in my data, and it agrees with what Jaska wrote.. I also received some info. from Alf Blomquist. Both parents died in Purmo, 1832 and 1849.

Karen Norwillo
15-02-20, 16:14
Thank you both. I'll just have to conclude that patronym got changed in error from Esse to Purmo. Found a record in 1852-59 rippi in Purmo with the whole family moving to Pedersöre in 1859, but so far haven't found them as a family. Did find Greta Lena 1836 and Anna 1840 as Ryttarbacka on a alphabetical list in Pedersöre.

Karen Norwillo
16-02-20, 16:46
Update. That moving notation in 1859 on rippi says Pedersöre, but the actual utflyttade has Nykarleby. But then in 1868-1877 they are found on Långgrävsbacka, Utmark, Pedersöre, Purmo rippi where Gustaf died 1868. Talk about a confusing family. Anna is finally Andersdotter again.