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Karen Norwillo
18-02-20, 18:32
Johan Petter born 23 Jun 1840 to Johan Henrik Andersson Tuutijärvi and Greta Caisa Lenasdotter Riekki on Ahola farm, Kuolajärvi. He married Elisabet Mattsdotter Sulasalmi on 5 Jan 1874. I have proof of the births of 3 children, Maria Kaisa 1874+1875, Reeta Liisa 1878 and Juho Erkki (Johan Erik) 1880. Some family trees on Ancestry have 3 more children which I cannot find or prove they are part of this family. Matti Heikki 11 Dec 1884, Riita Lovisa 28 Sep 1888 and Saima Alviida 3 Mar 1895. I have the rippi up to 1900 and none of these are found with the family. Any thoughts? I am inclined to believe they belong to another family. Any help appreciated.