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K-G Molander
07-03-20, 22:36
I have two birth years for her, 1718 and 1709. Most I have found have the year 1718. But how do we explain what is found in

Larsmo Communion book:
1787 - 1792 page [2], Fagernäs ... found Johan Hansson dead 29 May 1788 ... his birth year written as 1714. Also wife Anna Eriksdotter found dead 24 May 1788. Her birth year is written on this page as 1709. This correspond with her age of 79 years as written in burial records. If 79 year old then birth year would be 1709 - not 1718. ??

Which one is correct?

June Pelo
08-03-20, 15:00
Karl-Gustav, I have her in my data with the year 1718. My source was the Släkt och Bygd #33, Tab. 3. I donated my set of books to SFHS, so I can't check it. Years ago you could ask them to do look-ups, but I don't know if they still do it. Have you read this: http://www.multi.fi/jbs/