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11-04-04, 21:11
Four ghost stories from Finland. If you don't believe in ghosts you can still enjoy the fine graphics of the presentations ;)

Ghosts in the House * http://www.helsinki-hs.net/webortage/ghost/kummitus.html
In the autumn of 2001 Helsingin Sanomat Online investigated
whether ghosts are still seen today. A surprising number of people who have encountered ghosts were found.

12-04-04, 04:38
Hello Staffan:

Thank you for that very interesting site. I quite enjoyed the presentations.

....and yes, I do believe in ghosts!

12-04-04, 09:19
Ghost website was great but I wonder if there are any ghosts who visit Swede-Finn places?

I recall my mother telling me she saw the ghost of her brother John - he'd just died and had come to tell her goodbye I think. My recollection of the story is weak but I have no trouble believing her. Her husband had called her to tell of the death and she said to him that John was dead so he was surprised she knew.

If you have not visited the website, by all means do so. My family and I had been taken to visit Hvittrask in 1975 but we were not greeted by the ghost.


12-04-04, 17:01
Sorry to say, I haven´t heard any credible ghost stories lately from our region. There are some good but very old ones in Swedish published at http://sydaby.eget.net/swe/1808-1809_s.htm

June Pelo
12-04-04, 19:01
This article about old traditions in Österbotten has some references to ghosts in Finland in olden days - I think it's page 4 or 5.


Karen Douglas
12-04-04, 20:36
My maternal grandfather died in Finland on December 27, 1942.
But, my mother knew that he was gone right away.

She had a dream on December 26 that she was back in Finland, seated at the round kitchen table with her entire family, when my grandfather suddenly stood up. "I have to leave you now," he said, "but I will come back for you, one by one."

The next morning, Mama picked up a pencil, walked to the calendar that hung on the kitchen wall, and wrote down two words: "Daddy died."

The confirming, war-delayed telegram arrived six months later.

Mama believed there were hidden messages in dreams - not all dreams, but some. Whenever anyone questioned her belief, she would merely refer them to the stories of dreams in the Bible.


14-04-04, 15:25
I don't believe in ghosts but I don't want to show them any disrespect...


15-04-04, 22:06
This is not ghosts, but equally fascinating.
When we were in Nigeria, west Africa, we were taking photos of various indigenous people, and most would allow you to take photo, albeit that you had to give them some money, except one woman who objected to having her photo taken. However, my husband carried on despite her protests and took a photo of her.
She offered a curse on our camera! When we had our photos taken we realised one was missing from the reel - yes, the photo of her. Now do you believe in black magic or not. I didn't until then, but am now in doubt.
Greetings, SylviaDoris

16-04-04, 04:14
That's a bizarre story. I once remember hearing about one culture that feared they'd lose part of their soul by having their pic taken.

16-04-04, 17:33
Maybew bizarre, but honest injun it's true!