View Full Version : Priest’s note: “Se BrB Nr 269”

19-04-20, 19:37
Hello, I am trying to decipher a priest’s notation in the Anmärkningar (“Remarks”) column of a Communion Book (1861-1867, Alahärmä Parish). The note appears to read “Se BrB Nr 269.” I am wondering if this is an abbreviation for “Se Brottsmåls Boken Nr 269” (“See Criminal Case Book No. 269”).

I suspect the man in question had trouble with the law because this individual’s daughter (b. 1838) appeared to be placed, perhaps temporarily, in the custody of my relatives ca. 1845, despite the biological mother and father living until 1862 and 1865, respectively.

If anyone has encountered this kind of reference before, I would love to hear from you. Also, where would one find the Criminal Case Book covering Alahärmä Parish?

- Tim