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June Pelo
12-06-20, 21:19
In 1943 Finland proposed American occupation of Finland in an attempt to obtain peace, and the United States considered the matter, but ultimately decided it was too great a risk to occupy Northern Finland. President Risto Ryti sought support from the United States for Finland's efforts to secede from World War II as early as 1943 during the Continuation War. This is part of a study conducted by Henry Oinas-Kukkonen, docent in the History of International Relations and Information Networks at the University of Oulu.

There is an interesting article about Oscar Wirkkala and how he revolutionized logging when he immigrated to Naselle, Washington. Oscar's father was Abraham Wirkkala; there are many Wirkkala descendants in the US as well as Finland.

U. Jutta Mannermaa-Rishi has submitted a narrative written by her mother about the evacuation from Karelia during the Winter War, entitled "105-day evacuation journey".

Irish diamond explorer Karelian Diamond resources has been granted licenses to explore three additional locations in Finland near its existing operations.. The reservations are located in what's known as the Karelian Craton which stretches across northeastern Russia and northern Finland. One of the licenses is near a diamond deposit over which Karelian holds a mining concession and where it is moving toward a potential diamond mine.

The Finnish American Reporter, June 2020

20-09-20, 02:18
The Wirkkala family is renowned here in southwest Washington for their long logging legacy. An interesting discussion of their work in the woods is Chapter 7 ("Wirkkalas in the Woods") of the book "When Logging Was Logging" written by Karen Bertroch, Donna Gatens-Klint, Jim LeMonds, and Bryan Pentilla and funded by the Appelo Archives Center. The book is dedicated to Ben Wirkkala.