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26-09-20, 20:36
My maternal gm was Brita Sofia Gustavsdotter Mariedahl. Her older siblings had Skrifvars as their surname; the younger siblings had Mariedahl as their surname Does that likely mean that she was born on the Mariedahl farms, and her siblings on the Skrifvars farm?
Were those different farms? (They appear to be located near each other)
The family home is called Gustas. Is that a different farm or village, or does it stand for "Gustav's house"?

27-09-20, 22:31
Gustaf Eriksson was at Skrifvars when he married Brita Andersdr Holm in 1860 and they remained there until 1863 https://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=28552&pnum=206

Maria Lovisa and Erik Johan were born at Skrifvars...

it appears the family moved to Mariedal in 1863 https://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=28552&pnum=236

Sanna Johanna was born at Mariedal https://en-dot-digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuvanumero=158&kuid=9035820&amnimeke=Munsala+f%C3%B6rsamlings+arkiv&sarnimi=L%C3%A4ngder+%C3%B6ver+f%C3%B6dda+och+d%C3 %B6pta&aynimi=L%C3%A4ngder+%C3%B6ver+f%C3%B6dda+och+d%C3% B6pta+1853-1870&ay=2703691&sartun=317028.KA&atun=165777.KA&ay2=127739

as was Brita Sofia https://en-dot-digihakemisto.appspot.com/edit?kuvanumero=183&kuid=9035844&amnimeke=Munsala+f%C3%B6rsamlings+arkiv&sarnimi=L%C3%A4ngder+%C3%B6ver+f%C3%B6dda+och+d%C3 %B6pta&aynimi=L%C3%A4ngder+%C3%B6ver+f%C3%B6dda+och+d%C3% B6pta+1853-1870&ay=2703691&sartun=317028.KA&atun=165777.KA&ay2=127739

the family remained at Mariedal through 1900...

27-09-20, 23:00
Thank you very much.
The "family home" is to this day called Gustas. It is on the north edge of Munsala. I've been told that Gustas means "Gustaf's House", rather than Gustas being a village. Might that be correct?
Again - thank you very much!