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14-10-20, 13:07
One last chance. Looking for more info about Katarina Johanna (Hanna) Knuts, born june 28 1889 in Kantlax, Munsala Finland, emigrated to chicago in 1912 and died in Roseau county in about 1926. I somehow remember I found a photo of her grave and that she would have had a son...?? Can't find any of it now. I would very much like to find a proper date when she died and if she had family or who she lived with..address or just anything at all. I think she worked as a maid in Chicago.

Karen Norwillo
20-10-20, 18:02
This is all I could find that fits your timeline. I'm not sure about the family in Oscoda, but the arrival is her. I didn't find a marriage or death for her.

25-10-20, 18:31
Yes, the arrival is hers. I once had the ship manifest too, where sge travelled with someone and it said she was going to her cousin in Chicago.