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Nyberg Ernst
12-04-04, 12:32
I came into this forum via June Pelo, when I in December 2003 started to track my grandmothers brother Gustaf Emil MalÚn (Malen, MallÚn) and his Norwegian wife. Many of you helped me and therefore I think it is reasonable to give a report of the outcome. And once more - thanks to all of you!

Gustaf Emil was found in the 1910 Census.
His wife Karen was found in a Washington Secretary of State record. With help of the information there, I got her tracked in Norway, where I found living relatives, that sent me photos on both Gustaf Emil and Karen!
The whole family with five children were found in the 1930 census. They then lived on Vinland Road in Breidablik, Kitsap, Washington. Breidablik was not found on newer maps, but a member found the place on an older map. Another member told that she "by accident", in Poulsbo, had found a place with Breidablik Elementary School, Breidablik Sons of Norway Lodge, Breidablik Baptist Church and Breidablik Cemetery.

The efforts to find living descendants has failed. I was provided with 10 addresses to individuals with the name Malen. I sent letters to all of them and got 4 answers. In two cases the name Malen was formed from the Polish name Maleczek and in one case from Malinovsky. One was a "real" Malen from Finland, but from another family.

I have not surrendered. I think that all five children and the children some of them probably had got, can not have just vanished into thin air! I intend to come back with a new thread, with all details I now have got. I do not know what to do then, in order to get forwad - in your country - because I do not know your system for registration of the population. In my country it should be easy to find the descendants, if you e.g. know the exact date and place of death for the parents.

Kind regards! Ernst Nyberg