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01-12-20, 23:34
Trying this way too..helping a friend to find the Fridlund brothers and their sister, who emigrated to the USA.
Anders Wilhelm Johansson Fridlund born Jan 5 1881 in Jeppo. His brother: Erik Johan Johansson Fridlund born March 7 1870. Sister Anna Lovisa born March 10 1872. Their parents were Johan and Maja Lisa. I don't know the year they emigrated or where to. I think either Erik or Anders had a daughter..or granddaughter, Ester Fridlund...working at the embassy in Istanbul in the 70's. She visited Finland then and also wrote letters with the daughter of my friend. At some point she stopped getting letters back and no one knew what happened. My friend can't remember in what way she was related but he has the Fridlund name in his family (Grandparents Ida and Anders Viktor Andersson). This is the only info we have got. My friend would appreciate any information very much.

29-06-21, 06:20
Anders Wilhelm Johansson Frilund Forss was my maternal grandfather. I have a variety of information about him including pictures. Let me know how I might contact you.

01-07-21, 20:54
Hi, I sent you a pm :)