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Päivi V.
02-01-21, 01:51

I have tried to find descendants and siblings to a distant relative from Maynard. Her first names are Laura Esther and her maiden name is Aho. She was born 24.5.1914 in Maynard. Her parents were John Aho(nen) and Emma Ramanen. She had two brothers, Leo O. b.1912 and Arne J. b. 25.1.1917. She was graduated from the Maynard High School in 1932. In 1931 she played in "The Gypsy Rover" of the Maynard Young Players. That's all I have found out about her. Maybe she died 2007 but I haven't found any obituary. I don't know if she was married and what her second name might have been.
Her brother's (Leo) granddaughters didn't know of her existence until it was too late to ask anybody. I don't have access to Ancestry or Myheritage.
My question is: Does anybody here know anything of her or her brother Arne J. Aho or have access to Ancestry for possible information?

Thank you
Päivi V.

03-01-21, 00:41
there is a family tree on Ancestry.com for Laura Ester Aho, born 24.5.1914, Maynard, MA; died 4.4.2007, East Providence, RI

Spouse John Frederick O'Leary, born 4.5.1915, Maynard, MA; died Jan 1975, East Providence

Married 1939, Maynard, MA


Brenton Mead O'Leary, born 22.6.1942, Providence, RI; died 5.7.2003

Donn O'Leary, born 4.8.1953, Providence, RI; died 4.1.2020, Hope Valley, RI

One other child not identified by name and presumed to be living

03-01-21, 00:44
the same family tree shows Arne John Aho, born 25.1.1917, Maynard, MA; died 21.10.2004, Gardner, MA

Spouse Helvi Ilona Sundquist, born 5.5.1922, Gardner, MA; died 23.7.2013, Southbridge, MA

married 25.4.1942, Gardner, MA

no children shown

03-01-21, 00:57
a photograph of Brenton M. O'Leary taken from the 1961 yearbook from Maine Central Institute

03-01-21, 01:02
Brenton Mead O'Leary married Kathryn Page Spencer on 18.5.1979, in Gordonsville, VA; they were separated on 12.9.1990 and a divorce was granted on 4.7.1993

This was the 3rd marriage for Brenton Mead O'Leary; he was divorced from his previous marriage on 16.2.1979

Kathryn Page Spencer was also previously married and divorced on 18.1.1978

03-01-21, 01:08
Brenton Mead O'Leary was divorced from Frances Jean Sawyer on 16.2.1979

they were married in Elizabeth City, NC on 15.9.1972 and separated on 15.4.1977

03-01-21, 01:14
Donn F. O'Leary, Obituary https://www.carpenterjenks.com/obituaries/Donn-F-OLeary?obId=10403793#/obituaryInfo

03-01-21, 01:16
Brenton Mead O'Leary, Obituary https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/timesdispatch/name/brenton-o-leary-obituary?pid=1143529

03-01-21, 01:19
Laura A. O'Leary, Obituary https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/laura-o%27leary-obituary?pid=87076405

Päivi V.
04-01-21, 15:24
BessemerFinn, thank you very much for all the valuable information you gave. It is of great use to me. I appreciate your interest and help.

Päivi V.

04-01-21, 16:57
you are most welcome...glad i could help...😀