View Full Version : Matts Henrik Pensar/Norrgard in Bessemer, MI

04-01-21, 23:58
So I found a note in one of my books that said my dad once told me his grandmother had a brother who disappeared. Checked my info and yes, have a Matts Henrik Jakobsson Pensar Norrgård. His parents were Jakob Mattsson Pensar and Lovisa Jakobsdotter Seiplax. They changed their family name to Norrgård.

Matts was born in Österby, Oravais (technically in Pensala).
I found him as Matts Pensar, arrived Febr 10 1902 with the ship Philadelphia. Says he was going to Bessemer, MI.
In my papers it says he died 1.1.1925. To me it feels he really didn't die then. It says he was going to Jacob or Mattsson or something..I think he travelled with a man named Backlund.
Didn't find where he could be buried. Could someone please check if he can be found in Michigan?