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June Pelo
14-01-21, 21:47
Finland is considering the use of self-service tests for COVID. The test requires users to use a swab to get a virus sample from the nostril. They also have to provide a saliva sample for analysis. They are now monitoring the reliability of self-service sampling. Officials want to see how this progresses in Sweden which is now using self-testing kits.

Finland has updated traffic surveillance cameras, but the use of face masks by errant drivers is causing problems because they can't be identified. A small percentage of drivers caught speeding on traffic cameras ended up not being ticketed because they were wearing face masks at the time. In order to issue a fine, police need to be able to identify the person.

This issue of FAR has an extensive article about the history of Conservative Laestadianism by Ari-Pekkala Palola. Further information can be found in "The Journey of an Immigrant Awakening Movement in America & A Brief history of Laestadianism and The Apostolic Lutheran Church by Carl Kulla. Also "A Godly Heritage: Historical view of Laestadian Revival and the Development of the Apostolic Lutheran Church in America" by Miriam Yliniemi.

There is also an interesting article about Jim Kurtti, Editor of FAR, and the Honorary Consul for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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January 2021
January 2021