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June Pelo
09-03-21, 21:02
Finland is experimenting with a nasal vaccine which has been effective with rodents. Tests on humans starts this summer. They want to stop the virus completely at an early state so that the person doesn't fall ill and doesn't infect others. If successful, this would be a big improvement over the vaccines currently in use. Additional perks of the Finnish vaccine are that it can be stored at refrigerator temperature and is inexpensive to produce. Another benefit is that one dose per person is enough, and no booster will be necessary.

The Migration Institute of Finland ha renewed its digital Emigrant Register. It has been brought up to 2021 standards and easier to use. It is possible to search from several different databases with a single search, which was not possible before. It also contains passport and passenger lists that can't be found elsewhere. The name information found in the Register is available free of charge, and for an annual fee of EUR 30 all the information in the Register can be searched.

A plan has been approved for a new train route across southeast Finland, linking Helsinki and the Russian border via Porvoo and the city of Kouvola.

Finnish American Reporter, March 2021