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June Pelo
09-05-21, 17:27
Finland and Sweden have decided to restart a train connection for passengers. The Swedish border station at Haparanda reopened to passengers on April 1. Due to travel restrictions between Sweden and Finland, it has not been announced yet when the passenger train connection will become fully functional between the two countries.

Aino and Leo were the most popular first names for children born in Finland last year. The next most popular names for girls were Olivia, Sofia, Pihla and Aada. The next most popular names for boys were Eino, Oliver, Elias and Onni. The popularity of certain names appears to continue the recent trend among parents in Finland of choosing names that work in different languages and cultures. Among Finland's Swedish-speaking population, Ellen was the most popular name for girls while Emil was the top choice among boys.

Finnish nurse Sari Roos is teaching her colleagues a vaccination technique that enables her to squeeze more doses out of COVID-19 vaccine vials. Her air-bubble trick makes it possible to extract an elusive seventh dose from vials of the vaccine from Pfizer - one more than the six approved by Europe's health regulator that can normally only be drawn with a special needle and syringe. Such 'low-dead-space' shot utensils are in short supply, making Roos' trick all the more valuable as countries seek to protect people against new, more infectious coronavirus strains that are spreading a third wave of infection.

The Finnish American Reporter, May 2021