View Full Version : Two Finns

June Pelo
13-06-21, 01:26
A Finn in the United States decides to go visit his brother whom he hasn’t seen in 20 years. He flies to Helsinki, takes the train up to Ivalo, takes a taxi as far as the road goes, rents a bicycle in a small village, and rides as far as he can before he has to hike the last 2 km. His brother is seated on the porch drinking vodka overlooking a gorgeous Midsummer sunset. The brother looks at his arriving guest, reluctantly goes inside and brings out a glass and another bottle of vodka. The two sit and finish the vodka without saying a word. As the second bottle is finished, the host returns to the house and brings out a bottle of Grand Marnier. The two finish the bottle of Grand Marnier. The host brother returns to the house to bring out a fresh bottle of chilled vodka. After about one third of the vodka has been consumed, the visiting brother asks: “So how’s mom doing?”

The host brother looks at him in annoyance and says: “Did you come to talk or to drink?”