View Full Version : Perseverance pays

June Pelo
08-07-21, 17:34
For many years I, as well as others, have tried to help Robert Scott of Australia in his search for information about his great grandfather who said his name was Matts Mattsson, born in Oct. 1852, Gamlakarleby, Finland. Matts said his father was called Jake and his mother was Mary Wilson. Matts was a sailor whose ship sank near New Zealand where he married and raised a family. Robert just sent me an email about finding Matts Mattsson:
After 5 years and over 1000 hours of research I think I have finally found my Great Grandfather Matts Mattsson in the Parish records. Sanna Heikkilä and her husband Jouni are two of my DNA matches. Sanna has been helping me with research along with yourself and others. Two days ago Sanna contacted me with the details of a person who she thought was my Matt. I have spent the last couple of days researching her tip and I think she is right. The person is Matts Johansson Luoto b.2 Dec 1852 in Pyhäjoki. His father is Juho Marianpoika Luoto b.12 Oct 1810 in Pyhäjoki and his mother Maria Andersdr Ollila b.19 Sep 1814 in Merijärvi. So Matts real name is Matts Johansson Luoto.

Looks like the only correct clues we had during our search were his first name of Matts and birth year of 1852, and mother's name of Maria/Mary.