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K-G Molander
06-09-21, 17:36
Henrik Gustaf Henriksson
Born: 12 Jan 1843 Kroksjöbacka, Lappfors, Esse.
Married: 22 Dec 1872 Esse.
Wife: Sofia Johansdotter
Born: 14 Oct 1850 Tarfvonen, Lappfors, Esse.

Any help to find death dates would be appreciated.

Thank You.

Karen Norwillo
06-09-21, 18:54
Both Henrik Gustaf and Sofia Johansdotter were my 3rd cousins 3xremoved. Sofia died 24 May 1894. Henrik was known as Hindrell and had moved to Ranssila 1880, then to Helsinki in Sept 1896. Attached are images I found just today. Hope this helps. I'll try to make that second image larger and clearer.

Karen Norwillo
06-09-21, 21:57
2 of his sons, Johan Emil and Julius both emigrated to Syracuse, NY and died there. There's a Henrik Gustaf Hindrell who died 19 Mar 1899 Maans farm, Esse, but wrong date of birth. ? father?

Karen Norwillo
07-09-21, 17:13
There seems to be much confusing information about this family. Esse Communion books carry them until 1897. Sofia is written as died 12 Sep 1890, but does not appear in döde records in Esse. Ranssila has a diifferent date in 1894, but she's not in their döde. The family seems to have moved in and out of Esse several times. Last found in 1897. Frans Henrik and sister Selma Maria moved in to Jääski 9 Apr 1899. Images attached.

K-G Molander
29-09-21, 17:07
Thank You Karen.
Grateful for this information.

K-G Molander
29-09-21, 18:03
Death date for Sofia 24 My 1894 is correct.

Found this child in Jääski parish:
Born / Christened 29.11.1893 10.12.1893
Village / Farm Ranssila N:o 1, [ Jääski parish ]
Father Torp: Henr: Gust: %40 Hindrell %40
Mother v:o Sofia Juhontytär %40 43
Child Anders Wilhelm

Died / Buried 24.5.1894 28.5.1894
Village / Farm Ranssila
Deceased torp. vaimo Sofia Juhontr Hindrell
Cause of death / Age keuhkotauti 43 years 7 months - weeks 10 days
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