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A-M Löfdahl
10-09-03, 22:38
Sylvia Jorgensen asked on my behalf on the Finlander list about the Fridlund brothers; two brothers of my grandfather. Alicia gave me information from the 1920-1930 census about one of them, Anton. I will try again and tell you “everything” I know.

Anton Fridlund b.5.2.1893 in Oravais. He emigrated in 1914 to USA. He changed his name to Wilson (after his father: Wilhelm) According to Familysearch he married Maude Ann Theresa Baxter (b. 13.6.1890) 30.3.1934 in Ketchikan, Alaska. Anton died 5.7.1968 and Maude 17.10.1970. According to SSDI their last residence was Seal Beach, Orange, California. As fas as I know Maude had children from a former marriage but Anton had no children of his own.

Karl Wilhelm Fridlund b.7.8.1891 in Oravais. He emigrated in 1912. He worked in the “Washington woods” and played the accordeon. Karl died in 1936 and had no family that I know of. I have the music to a waltz that Carl wrote, published by Victor Baddar in Seattle 1935. Now he spells his name Carl W Fridlund. I have not found anything about him on the Internet.
I have some early photos of the two brothers playing accordeon. I also have photos of Carl working in the woods. Also some of Anton and his wife in 1959.

I would of course like to know everything there is to know about these two in the new country. Where they first settled, where they moved, where they are buried and so on. Did Carl write more music? I would also like to get in contact with children or grandchildren of Antons wife if possible.

Thanks for trying

A-M Löfdahl
24-09-03, 21:11
This is the information I got earlier from Alicia:

Hello Sylvia,
I only had some luck with Anton.I will send in the 1920 cenus image after this email.
In 1920 in Portland ,Multnomah Oregon Ed .# 189 page 27,is Antone Wilson, born Finland,26 , single, emig.1913,spinner in woolen mill.
Interesting in 1930 he is in Alaska Territory , first judicial dist.Ketchikan Dist 2 page 46
Antone Wilson 36, single, born Finland, emig.1913 naturalization pending,worked in a cold storage plant.
Alicia Marshall

This is my Anton but where is Carl? I think he also was in Alaska at the same time. The words to his waltz is about how he is missing Alaska! Alaska moonlight waltz is printed in 1935 in Seattle. Maybe he also used the Wilson name, I don´t know.

Thank you very much Alicia and Sylvia. I really hope to get some tips about what I should do to find out more about them.


A-M Löfdahl
30-09-03, 21:58
Karl and Anton had an older brother Johannes who travelled to the States two times. Harri Blomberg is checking out the Ellis Island records for me and has found out that Johannes in 1907 went to his cousin Matts Lundström in Gladstone, Michigan. The second time in 1913 he goes to his brother Charles Wilson, box 267, Olympia, Washington. This is my Karl Wilhelm Wilhelmsson Fridlund! Evidently he used both Fridlund and Wilson.....

Anton emigrated in 1913 and not in 1914 as I wrote in my first ad!

Now Syrene has contacted Carl Sundman in Anacortes for me. Thank you!! Hope that you also find out something about the waltz and Viktor Baddar.

Waiting for more....

A-M Löfdahl
08-12-03, 21:50
Carl Sundman in Anacortes tells me that his father Emil worked with Carl Fridlund:
"He and my father worked for the Simson Logging company bases in Shelton WA. They worked on the main line of the railroad line that sent the logs out of the Harbor to the saw mills in the area. So I think that Carl would be buried in ether Shelton or Aberdeen this would be a good place to check."

I have no death date for Carl, nor do I know where he is buried. ..... what should I do?


June Pelo
09-12-03, 00:21
The Genealogical Society of Finland on their website for Finngen lists cemeteries in the US:
http://www.genealogia.fi click on English.
Click on Emigration, and then on US cemeteries. Find the state of Washington, which is where Shelton and Aberdeen are located. I'm not sure if cemeteries for those cities are online, but you could check. I think they have the data filed by years, so you'll have to estimate a death year and check through a number of years.

There is a Patricia Fridlund buried here:
Fridlund (http://www.interment.net/data/us/wa/spokane/fairfield/fairfield.htm)

Here is an online death index for the US:
Death index (http://home.att.net/~wee-monster/deathrecords.html)

If there is someone on Finlander who lives in Washington State, perhaps they have access to some records and could help you.


June Pelo
09-12-03, 00:29
I just checked the SS Death Index and found 3 Carl Fridlund names. Only one was near the western US - Carl Fridlund, b. 13 Dec 1895, d. May 1976, Clackamas, Oregon. You can find it here:
Fridlund (http://ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/ssdi.cgi)


A-M Löfdahl
11-12-03, 12:36
I haven´t checked everything yet, but...

Carl W Fridlund was born 7.8.1891 and my father thinks he died in 1936....
So I don´t think the one you found in Oregon is the right one.
If he really died in 1936, Patricia could not be his daughter either. (I know there is many Fridlunds who emigrated to the states from Sweden) The Fridlund name is not a common name in Finland.

I am not really sure what to look for. He used the name Wilson in 1913 when his brother Johannes travelled to him in Olympia. But then I have photos of him where his name is on his accordion: C FRIDLUND. On the music that I have it also says Carl W Fridlund.....

Doesn´t he appear in any census at all?
Many thanks for all your help!


11-12-03, 14:12
Hi Ann-Marie,
I tried again with no luck to find your Karl. The 1920 census that I have access to (genealogy.com) isn't indexed for every state so it makes it difficult to find people in 1920 or 1930.

I'm not sure if you would be interested or not, but I did find Matts Lundström in the 1910 census. Since he was a cousin, maybe you would be interested in his family?

Let me know.

A-M Löfdahl
11-12-03, 17:51
Thank you Kevin!

Yes I am very interested in the Lundström-family! I have tried to find out something about them also, without much luck.
There were tree brothers Lundström Matts, Emil and Kristian who went to the States. Also their father Matts emigrated.
I´m waiting...


17-12-03, 00:32
I went to Swenson today and found Matts and his family - this is a scan of a fotocopy of the 2nd church index which fortunately has the daughter's family and children on it so a double today!
Column headings: name/birthplace/birthdate/baptised/confirmed/received/ and on opposite page: arrived in America/arrived in this place/married/removed & dismissal
I found Matts funeral was held Fe 4, 1950 and that is the last information about this family. The 2 daughter's of the daughter transferred but there is no further information about them.

Chuck Mäki i Rock Island

17-12-03, 04:18
Hi Anne-Marie,
I don't know how I missed your response to my posting. My apologies for the delay. Attached is the census image which is the same data as Chuck provided.

I'll check the census for the others you mentioned. :)

17-12-03, 04:35
Hi Anne-Marie,
There are 12 different Emil Lundstroms that show up in 1900 and 1910 census. None of them listed are born in Finland but some show up as born in Sweden. Do you have more details about Emil? Date of birth? Middle name?

Here are the entries:
Emil R. Lundstrom, Age: 32, State: Rhode Island (1910)
Emil Lundstrom, Age: 25, State: Connecticut (1910)
Emil Lundstrom, Age 29, State: Illinois (1900)
Emil F. Lundstrom , Age 39, State: Illinois (1910 may be same as above)
Emil Lundstrom, Age 48, State: Illinois (1910)
Emil Lundstrom, Age 20, State: Illinois (1920)
Emil Lundstrom, Age 38, State: Kansas (1900)
Emil Lundstrom, Age 36, State: Minnesota (1900)
Emil Lundstrom, Age 46, State: Minnesota (1910)
Emil Lundstrom, Age 20, State: North Dakota (1910)
Emil Lundstrom, Age 32, State: North Dakota (1910)
Emil A. Lundstrom, Age 45, State: Wisconsin (1910)

17-12-03, 04:47
Here's what I found for Kristian Lundstrom:

Kristian L. Lundstrom, Age 33, State: Illinois (1900)
Kristian L. Lundstrom, Age 43, State: Illinois (1910)

It seems these are both the same person. The family is as follows:
Kristian, age 33, born Feb 1867 Sweden, immigrated 1889, married 1888
Anna B., age 37, born June 1863 Sweden, immigrated 1889, 2 children 1 living
Herbert N., age 11, born May 1889 Sweden, immigrated 1889
Christina B., age 74, born Oct 1825 Sweden, widowed, (Anna's mother), immigrated 1889, 7 children, 5 living

In 1910, Christina is not with the family but there was another child: Agnes, age 10.

There were 2 Christian Lundstroms listed also. One Christian N. Lundstrom in Utah in 1900 and one Christian Lundstrom in Chicago, Illinois in both 1900 & 1910

17-12-03, 05:01
I can't seem to find the father, Matts Lundstrom in the census. Is it possible he died before 1900? As you may know, the majority of the US 1890 census perished in a fire so it's difficult to use that census as a resource.

Maybe if some of these other Lundstroms are correct, I can page through and see if there are any other Lundstroms living nearby.

Let me know.

(PS...I'm leaving on vacation on Saturday 20th so please let me know before then, if you can. I will be gone for 2 weeks.)

17-12-03, 05:29
Hi Kev,
If we are talking about the same Matt, born in Oravais March 10, 1875, then he was listed as having died Feb 1, 1950. The funeral was held at the church on February 4, 1950.


17-12-03, 14:38
Hey Chuck,
Anne-Marie mentioned that the father of the original Matt Lundstrom also immigrated and his name was Matt, too.

I don't know what happened to the image I tried to attach so I'll try again...

A-M Löfdahl
17-12-03, 21:38
Thank you very much both Chuck and Kevin; I should have provided you with the facts about the Lundström-family that I already have!
I have their names and their birthdates from the churchbooks in Oravais, but I have also found something on the Internet.

The father to the Lundström-brothers was Matts Lundström, born in Oravais 17.12.1839 (164 years ago today!!) as Matts or Mathias Pehrsson or Peterson Haapa. I don´t know when he emigrated but the youngest child was born 23.11.1886. Apparently Matts emigrated between 1886-1893 because the tradition says he helped his sons to emigrate to the States, in that case he came before his son Matts in 1893.
I don´t know where he lived or when he died?

born 10.3.1875. You have found the right person! This is Matts and his family and his daughters family. I have a letter to my grandmother from Matts and Sofia Lundström, Gladstone Michigan in 1948. I also know that their daughter married Johan Strand. The Strand-family is also relatives of mine!

Institute of migration: I found him as Ekblad Kristian b 1881 (their mothers name was Ekblad), passport dated 27.4.1900. Age 19, from Finland with Polaris 28.4.1900 to Gladstone, Michigan.
and also as Lundström Kristian age 28 from Finland with Titania 27.10.1909, from England with Corsican, Allan Line 04.11.1909 going to Porth Arthur, ON, Canada
He also married a woman from Korsnäs, Finland (as his brother Matts seem to have done). They returned to Finland and settled in Korsnäs before 1920.

Anders Emil:
Institute of migration: Lundström Anders, age 28, with Polaris from Finland 10.5.1907 and with Ivernia, Cunard Line from England 16.5.1907 going to Gladstone, MI, USA
On the Ellis Island records I found him as Anders Lundstrom, arrived in 1907 age 28
I got a copy of the Ellis Island details from Harri Blomberg. It says that he went to the states for the first time in 1905 (Gladstone, Michigan) and the second time in 1907. In 1907 he was headed to his brother M. Lundström, 315 Gladstone Michigan. It seems that he used Anders as his first name now; in Oravais he was called Emil. I don´t know where he lived or when he died. He had a wife and a son in Finland but he never returned. I have a couple of photos where he is working on a farm somewhere in USA?

This is everything I found in my mothers research and on the net. Thank you very much Kevin and Chuck for your help! I´m really excited to find out if you find something more!
The census image you attached Kevin, could you explain it to me, I can´t read everything.

I hope you have a nice Christmas!

17-12-03, 22:23
I just got back from Swenson having checked swedish churches at Aberdeen WA and found nobody by the name of Fridlund. Churches checked were:
Saron Lutheran, Swenson # PNW22
I even checked the funerals list at Saron...
Trinity Lutheran, Swenson # PNW21
and finally,
Evangelical Covenant, Swenson # PNW20

Swenson does not list any records for Swedish lang churches in Alaska.
Chuck Mäki i Rock Island

18-12-03, 01:03
Hi Anne-Marie,

For each person, the census image displays the following information, in order:
Relationship (Head of household, wife, son, daughter, etc)
Gender (M=Male F=Female)
Race (W=White)
Age at last birthday
Married or single (M1 = 1st marriage)
Number of years married
# Children born, # children living
Place of birth-language spoken (Finland-Swedish)
Place of father's birth
Place of mother's birth
Immigration year (1893)
Status (NA=Naturalized)
Language spoken (English)
Occupation (Flour ? dock. I think it said he was a laborer)
Then it continues whether they owned their home or rented and a few other details. These were not included on the image.

I also checked the index for each of the Lundstroms you mentioned and didn't find them. I'll check again after a little while and let you know what I find.

A-M Löfdahl
18-12-03, 20:25

A-M Löfdahl
28-12-03, 17:42
I am constantly trying to find out more about Anton and Karl....

Anton Fridlund b.5.2.1893 in Oravais, changed his name to Wilson. According to Familysearch he married Maude Ann Theresa Baxter (b. 13.6.1890) 30.3.1934 in Ketchikan, Alaska. Anton died 5.7.1968 and Maude 17.10.1970. According to SSDI their last residence was Seal Beach, Orange, California. As fas as I know Maude had children from a former marriage but Anton had no children of his own.

I checked familysearch again and found something about Maude´s children.
Maudes first husband was Archibald Holcomb WALKER b. 25.11.1886. Married 23.12.1906, divorced. Died 1.5.1937 in Ketchikan, Alaska.
9 children are listed:

1. Sex Name
Born: CIRCA 1907 Place: , , Mo
Died: Bef 1910 Place: , , Missouri

2. Sex Name
Born: CIRCA 1914 Place: , , Missouri
Died: Abt 1917 Place: , , Missouri

3. Sex Name
F Living (AFN:3SGM-LW)

4. Sex Name
F Living (AFN:6ZJM-FP)

5. Sex Name
F Living (AFN:6ZJM-H2)

6. Sex Name
F Living (AFN:6ZJM-J7)

7. Sex Name
F Living (AFN:6ZJM-KD)

8. Sex Name
F Living (AFN:6ZJM-LK)

9. Sex Name
F Mary Louetta WALKER (AFN:6ZJM-DJ)
Born: 16 Dec 1909 Place: Krasno, , Mo
Died: Abt 1984 Place: , , California

What should I do to find these or their decendants?
Greatful for all help


A-M Löfdahl
02-04-04, 18:24
Here is a photo of Anton Wilson and Carl Fridlund; the two brothers playing the accordion. I´m still looking for the death place and date of Carl.

A-M Löfdahl
02-04-04, 18:30
Sorry, it´s little too big...I´m not so good a this yet! Ann-Marie

Took the liberty and cropped the picture a little /Hasse

19-07-04, 19:28
Yesterday we attended the annual Order of Runeberg-Tacoma- picnic on Lake Sammamish. John Sandstrom opened his summer home there, and the day was delightful.

As things quieted down toward the evening, a few of us were sitting out on the veranda, and one couple mentioned that they had some materials for the SFHS collection, things they had saved after Viktor Baddar died. He had been a good friend of theirs, and he was also a good friend of my parents, so they thought of him when they saw me.

We thanked them, and it occurred to me to ask about Carl Fridlund's piece. They replied that they thought they could find the box where "The Alaska Waltz" had been packed away. I was very excited. I just hope they don't forget.