View Full Version : Carl Anderson / Karl Ivar Andersson P÷rtfors

Jonna Olsio
14-04-04, 08:52
We are looking for traces of my great grandfather Karl Ivar Andersson P÷rtfors, born in Ívermark, Finland 19th of June 1889. He left for USA on S.S Celtic sailing from Liverpool 20th of March 1913. Apparently he has changed his name to Carl Anderson and his social security number was: 533-32-7583. According to the record he died in Seattle, King, WA in September 1967. Karl Ivar Anderssoon P÷rtfors was the son of: Anders Henrik Johansson P÷rtfors (22th of Nov, 1851) and Cajsa Stina Carl-Henriksdotter Ehrsfolk (21th of Oct, 1852). Does anybody know what happened to him?

15-04-04, 20:17
The SFHS office staff searched the Order of Runeberg obituaries in the Leading Star (Lodge newspaper) and show no Carl Anderson for 1967. He doesn't appear to have been a member.
Syrene Forsman