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Gita Wiklund
10-09-03, 22:51
In case anyone has missed the awful news:

Anna Lindh, the swedish foreign minister was stabbed today as she was shopping in a warehouse in Stockholm , without any guards. She is seriously wounded and the surgery has been going on for hours while the police are searching for the man who did this to her. This is so ...I just can´t find the words to express how I feel. It brings back the memories of when Olof Palme was killed in 1986. I pray that she will survive this, and that they get the man who did this this time.

Gita :(

11-09-03, 12:01
Anna Lindh är död
STOCKHOLM Sveriges utrikesminister Anna Lindh har dött av de knivskador hon fick vid överfallet på onsdagen.

- Dådet mot henne skadar också det öppna samhälle vi byggt upp och som vi vill leva i, sade en mycket tagen statsminister Göran Persson vid en presskonferens i morse.

June Pelo
11-09-03, 17:12
It seems the world has gone crazy. We can empathize with Sweden because today we here in the US are remembering the terrible events of September 11, 2001.


Tracy Boeldt
11-09-03, 19:52
I just wanted to send my deepest sympathy to all of friends, family and the people of Sweden on this sad event.
Tracy Boeldt