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16-04-04, 08:56
Can anyone please do a US Census lookup for Carl (Vilhelm) Thomason b. 2/28 1871 in Stånga Gotland, Sweden. Occupation: Gardener. Latest known address in 1906 was #99 North Avenue, New York.


16-04-04, 14:57
Staffan, I tried the 1900 & 1910 census and he's not showing up in the searches. I tried looking at all the Thomasons in NY in 1910 and there was only a single Karl, age 24, b.Norway.

I'll search more thoroughly this evening when I get home from work.

16-04-04, 15:21

Thank you. According to the Ellis Island ship's manifest Carl Thomason has refered to a Karl Larsen #99 North Avenue, New York (rows 3-4 of the attached image), but he and the Karl Thomason from Norway you found can hardly be his son. According to the relative of Carl Thomason from Sweden he had a family in the US.

16-04-04, 16:57
Not that this is necessarily related but I did run across a Carl Larsen, age 40, b.Sweden, in 1910 census living on 56th Street in Brooklyn. He was a box maker in a factory. Immigration year is 1906. He was married for 16 years but since he's listed as a boarder, no wife appears with him. No Carl/Karl Thomason in the nearby pages.

I'll keep looking.

17-04-04, 16:29
Hi Staffan,
Unfortunately, I can't find this guy anywhere. I've tried variations of Thomason for 1910 and 1920. For 1920 I searched the country for all Carl/Karls age 48/9 born in Sweden and nothing!

Sorry I couldn't come through for you.

17-04-04, 17:05
Your efforts are very much appreciated. If there are any descendants and if they some day start to search the WWW they will hopefully realize that somebody has already tried to find them.