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June Pelo
18-04-04, 23:39
I have a request for help finding a Wilhelm Mattsson Strang, b. 1870, Kållby, Pedersöre. He emigrated to the US and may have called himself William Strong. If anyone has any information about him, please contact me.



19-04-04, 00:56
Hi June,
There's a Wilhelm Strong who appears in the 1920 census living in Cuffey's Cove, Mendocino County, California. He's 48 years of age (census est his birth year as 1871), immigrated in 1910, was married but wife not listed. He was born in Finland and he spoke Swedish. He was working as a laborer in the "lumber woods".

Could this be him?

19-04-04, 01:22
I think I found him in 1910, too. He's listed as a "friend" in a household living in Arena Township, Mendocino County, California. His age is 39, married once, born Finland, spoke Finnish. In this census, it lists his immigration year as 1890 and he's still an alien. He's working as a woodsman in a logging camp. His name here is William Strong.

June Pelo
19-04-04, 02:39
Thanks, Kevin. It sounds promising and I'll relay the data on to Finland.


Karen Norwillo
19-04-04, 02:52
June, On both the 1920 and 1930 census, there is a William Strang in North Bend, Coos, Oregon. His wife is listed as Hanna on one and Johanna on the other. There is a daughter on the 1920 census, can't make out the name, it begins with an E. There is also a mother Anna, age 69, with them, as well as a sister, Hilma Mattson, age 35, and her two daughters. All adults born in Finland, speak Swedish. Children all born in Oregon. He is listed as a bookeeper for a shipbuilding company. On the 1930 census, they lived at 2480 Liberty St, North Bend. He is a clerk in a grocery store. They are alone. Karen

June Pelo
19-04-04, 03:11
Thanks, Karen. This is my lucky day with so many good results. I'll send this on to Finland and let them decide.


23-04-04, 20:54
Looking for Swedish Finns in Coos Bay, I spoke recently to a lady born Hongell in Catching Slough. Her mother was the daughter of a Strang there. They keep in touch with Honga or Lillhonga family descendents back in the home parish of Gamlakarleby.