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24-04-04, 03:06
Seeking information on the brothers and sisters of Alfred KasÚn born 11/18/1888 who emigrated into the US in January,1911, through Ellis Island. He ended up raising a family in Seattle: Melvin, Astrid, and 3 additional sisters. They were Swedish Baptists.

His brothers and sisters remained in the Iron Range country, first for logging then for mining. There are probably cousins in Minn, Mich, Wisc and Illinois.

I would be interested in the names of his family who left Purmo and emigrated to the US.

Alfred married Sigrid, who took the name Mattson when she and her sister came to the US. Sigrid was born in Sideby, 11/19/1886, and arrived in Boston in January 1911. It is possible that her father was Finnish-speaking and her mother Swedish-speaking.

Thanks for any help!

Karen Norwillo
24-04-04, 21:23
Syrene, I found several KasÚn entries on Ellis Island. Only one from Purmo, a Emil KasÚn, age 19, arrived 31 May 1903 on the Philadelphia out of Southampton, going to a friend in King county, WA. There were several other families from Gl. Karleby who went to Chicago and one who came out of Hango via Liverpool to Metropolitan, MI. They arrived 31 Aug 1902 aboard the Celtic. This could be the Iron Range family?? Names are Johanna, age 40 and her children Ivar 10, Aina 8, Selim 6, and Arthur 3.She was going to husband Anders KasÚn.
I found many entries in the 1920 and 1930 census. 1920 shows a Andrew Kasen, age 58 and his wife Anna, age 58 and son Andrew ?I, age 28, all Finns speaking Swedish. He is a farmer, as is the son. They are in Felch, Dickinson cty, MI. On the 1930 census, only Hanna Kasen and son Ivar appear in Felch. Could Johanna, Hanna and Anna be all the same person. And Andrew I is Ivar. There is also another family in Gladstone, Delta, MI. Herman Kasen, age 35(1883), wife Hannah E. age 30(1888) both Swede-Finns, and children Melvin D, age 6(1913) and Mildred E, age 3(1916). Herman is listed as a dentist.
There are several entries for Chicago in the census as well as Seattle. If you don't have I will send. Hope this helps, Karen

June Pelo
24-04-04, 21:27

I'm attaching a group sheet that I got from Lars Granholm about this family - 7 children, 6 known to come to the US. Alfred's wife was Vera Bj÷rk from Karleby - 1888-1948. Evidently he remarried in the US - I have no data on Sigrid. I'm not sure if Lars is on Finlander, but you can e-mail him: ImciLars%40aol.com He spends the summers in Gamlakarleby, but I don't know if he is there yet.


25-04-04, 00:12
Thanks, Karen and June,
I had been into Ellis Island, but your census info is very helpful. June, I'll get into Lars' family tree probably Tuesday.

25-04-04, 10:17
Originally posted by June Pelo
...I'm not sure if Lars is on Finlander...

Lasse is on Finlander (LarsGranholm) and his genealogy is in Talko (Granholm & Kentala).

25-04-04, 19:54
Thanks again June,
I downloaded your attachment, and believe the Child Notes on Emma Sofia Jakobsdotter may point to Mel Kasen's family. Have to talk to him further.

I note that your information has been downloaded already 5 times. If anyone wants to contact this gentleman I'll be glad to send him snail mail any correspondence. He's not on Internet. Lovely person.