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Karen Douglas
24-04-04, 16:33
I am seeking information on the name "Hoyer." My friend says his late mother was Finnish, but knows little else about his ancestry. This does not sound like a "typical" Finnish name, unless some letters were dropped, or the name was changed, at some point by his ancestors during U.S. immigration. I also wonder if she might have been a Swede-Finn. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Karen Douglas

24-04-04, 17:08
Hi Karen,
If you spell it like a Swede it becomes Hojer, and there are three from Finland on Ellis Island, one a Hilma.

Gita Wiklund
24-04-04, 21:40

I think the name is changed and it would have been Höjer originally. You´ll find Höjer in several parishes if you make a search in HisKi. Only two by the spelling Hoyer is found though, in the 18th century.


26-04-04, 19:32
An online nation wide telephone directory I have access to gives 61 hits on "Hoyer".

I have a hunch that the name spelled this way comes from Norway. It is not more than a hunch so don't take my word for it.

There was a wave of immigrants from Norway at the turn of the century (that is 1800-1900).

President Martti Ahtisaari's grandfather was one of them. The original name was Adolfsen.


26-04-04, 20:04
The designation Höijer is known from the village of Skaftung in Sideby. From the Emigrant Register I learn that passports have been issued to eight persons with this name from Sideby.


M. Waters
26-04-04, 20:21
Karin, try HOIJAR

June Pelo
26-04-04, 21:44
I have a Hoijar family in my file: Gustaf Abraham Simon-Eriksson Hoijar, b. 1822 (Korsholm?), wife Maria Simonsdotter Clemetsö, b. 1817, and children Maja Brita and August.

I also have Maria Mårtensdotter Höjer-Höijer, b. 1801 in Vörå.


Karen Douglas
28-04-04, 02:52
Thanks to all who have responded to my query about the surname "Hoyer." I will share this information with my friend and I am sure he will be most appreciative, as I am. Karen.

28-04-04, 04:24
Today at Salem Lutheran Church in Hancock, MI I came across these names;

Edward Hoijer, b. 2-28-1884 in Mustasaari
Alfred Hoyers, b. 12-8-1888 in Mustasaari
Carl Hoijer, b. 12-22-1877 in Mustasaari

and then of course American born kids.


28-04-04, 05:24
I have Hoijer names in my line from the Vörå area. I will check the names and see if I can find the descendents -- if that's helpful to your friend. I believe that the name provided by June Pelo is also on my list of family.

Also, if you visit www.genealogia.fi there are gravesite photos with the name Hoijer on them, too. You've got to have the spelling and umlats (?) in the right place or you won't get results. Try the various spellings provided herein and see what happens.

You've gotten a lot of assistance from a number of people! Isn't it great?


28-04-04, 18:11
You can try Höijer, Höjer, Hojar, Hoijar at the Institute of migration´s site
They have both passport records and passenger records online.



02-06-04, 07:20
Dear Karen,
While entering names from the 1917 temperence lodges into the Oracle database, I ran across two Hoyers:
Edward Hoyar (Edward Höyar), born i Karkmo, Mustasaari
Alfred Hoyer (Alfred Höyar) also born in Karkmo
They were members of Frid I hemmet lodge no. 69, in Hancock, Michigan.
Hope this helps your friend.

05-05-05, 18:46
I happened to "stumble" on the headstone in the attached picture at Borgå cemetary today. Perhaps it will shed some light on Hoyer.

The birthyear for Alexander Julius Himpel is obviously wrong it should probably be 1893, not 1993. I guess that stonecarvers can make "printing" mistakes as well as journalists.


05-05-05, 21:23
Oops! I made the picture a bit too small.

Here is a (I hope) better version: