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Karen Norwillo
29-04-04, 03:49
I'm hoping that possibly we have a member in the Marquette county, MI area, specifically Ishpeming, who might be able to help me with one of those "brick walls" that we all come up against. I have a copy of my great-grandfather's brother, Lars Johan Larsson's, death certificate that shows he died 15 Nov 1913 and was buried 19 Nov 1913. Services were through the Lindborn&Bjork Funeral Home. It does not say what cemetery, but I do know he had a farm on Cemetery Road next to a church. I have a copy, also, from the Calumet Posten, of his obit. Again, no mention of cemetery. I have been trying to learn the name of his wife and daughters. The obit calls her Mrs. Larsson. His daughters are identified as Mrs. John Lind and two foster daughters, Mrs. William Perry, JR and Miss Edith Holmberg. Have not been able to locate him in any church membership in Ishpeming. I'll be grateful for any help. Karen

Karen Norwillo
08-05-04, 19:18
Wanted everyone to know, especially Roger from Ishpeming, that I was successful in locating the place of burial (Ishpeming Cemetery) and the names of his family. I wrote to a funeral home in Ishpeming and they were kind enough to send me copies of Register of Funerals and the deed of the plot. I found the names by searching the census with leads from the info. Amazing what is on those documents. My ggreat-uncle's funeral cost $97.00 in 1913. That included casket, carriage, grave fee, hearse, church, minister and organist. Karen