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01-05-04, 00:45
Maybe this is your ancestor?
I was surprised to see it in the Swenson microfilms so here is a cleaned up scan for your viewing enjoyment'

A-M Löfdahl
01-05-04, 10:09
Hi Chuck
Interesting, I have to check out who this is!

Kaj Granlund
01-05-04, 11:13
Intersting to me too. Although I as a vicar should know how these looked like I have never seen one before. In the so called communionbooks here you might just read a note: "letter for emigration " and to that a date added.

For those who do not understand this I can explain some things. If You find similar certificates in some boxes of Your ancestors. (I hope You do!!!)
The emblema “Diocesis Aboensis...” this is the verification that the proper authority has signed this document. The emblema shows that the parish was a part of the Åbo / Turku lutheran diocese. Up at right you read a reference: Kb (communionbook) II pag (page) 582
Which means you can find the person in that communionbook for the decade of the signature to find this person.
And so to my very home made translation.
Reads: Farmer, married man Henrik Karlsson, fr (from) Mårtens in the village of Oravais. (Village is the actual word but maybe town would be better)
Born 29/3 1865 here is allowed to go to the communion a member of this evangelical-lutheran parish, vaccinated (here You can see that the parishes had everything in their records) and has the total rights as a citizen, this for planned journey abroad.

Certificated Oravais 29 June 1911
Emil Panelius
Fee: 50 p

01-05-04, 19:53
It will be a lot of fun of somebody on sfhs finds this guy to be a relative:) or perhaps the vicar of the church will fit that!

This was from a Covenant church in Ironwood and the odd thing was that it was opposite to a page about a woman from Sweden so I believe it must have been found at the place in the book and luckily it was fotographed.

Jill, Swenson genealogist, told me that the Andover church microfilms have copies of similar documents from Sweden but they are probably not saved so a valued document to a family.