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12-09-03, 13:31
Hi, i'm a guy born in 1962 who is namned Thomas Sundblom. My interest in genealogy is mainly to find all people namned/born Sundblom, around the world. There should be approximatly one thousand of us.
As far as i know we have five to six different roots.
3 on Åland, Finland
2 in western Finland (Sundom and surroundings)
and maybe one in Sweden.
I have addicted a homepage to us. www.genealogy.sundblom.nu.

Now i'm currious to find others. And to connect all namnes i have, but no familiy connections, yet.

For example:
Erik Axel Sundblom, who died in Stockholm september 1951. He should have been born on Åland. But when? Who are his parents?


June Pelo
12-09-03, 17:49

This forum has a member born on Åland (maybe Föglö) named Ingemar Ekman. He has a lot of genealogy data and probably will contact you. His job requires him to travel and I think he may be on a trip now - he lives in Sweden.


12-09-03, 18:14
Hi June.
Yes, i know Ingemar very well. He is a very devoted person and i've got alot of info from him.

Best Regards

07-05-05, 00:49
Here they are:
at Swenson S 21-6 = Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Grace Lutheran
Pos Given Names Surname Other names Born Parish Emi.

24h Anders Victor Sundholm ? 18 1875 Pedersöre unk S 21-6
24w Johanna not given Pedersöre unk S 21-6
24d Ina Johanna Jan 1 1899 Pedersöre unk S 21-6
24d Alexandra victoria Nov 25 1900 Pedersöre unk S 21-6
24d Ellen Elizabeth Mar 22 1905 Pedersöre unk S 21-6
24d Edit Margit Aug 7 1907 Pedersöre unk S 21-6

at Swenson 211 = Metropolitan, Zion Lutheran
4h Andrew Sundquist Sundholm Feb 5 1856 Jeppo Nykarleby 1882 211
4w Susanna f Jakobson Jn? 15 1851 Jeppo Nykarleby 1890 211
4s Anders Eliel Feb 2 1880 Jeppo Nykarleby unk 211
4d Susanna Sofia May 19 1882 Jeppo Nykarleby unk 211

43w Johanna Sundholm Karlsdotter Jan 16 1863 Purmo Överpurmoby 1909 211

46u Anna Alina Sundholm f Alfredsdotter Dec 15 1891 Kölberg? 1911 211
Kållby? In Pedersöre?

That's it for the UP Finnish born dbase. At the delphi collection, you can type the name - granskare into the search and find my articles and there are several about Ålanders recorded in a variety of church films at Swenson center.
EDIT: http://www.augustana.edu/swenson/genealogy.html
This is the Swenson Swedish Immigration Center website. It's located on the campus of Augustana College here in Rock Island, IL.



Alice Finnerty
07-05-05, 01:00
Forgive me for being so dumb.....but
can you tell me what is "Swenson center"?