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Tiina Tillqvis
03-05-04, 16:11
borned 16.4.1876 Ylistaro, Finland. Has been a sailor and went to United States after 1876. He has marked to be death 15.1.1968 and death date was settled to be 1.1.1967, so he has disappeared in some year?! He hasnīt got wife and children here in Finland and I am wondering if he has had family in States... I have looked informations from Ellis Island files but havenīt found nothing. Could somebody help me to find some details about this person? Unfortunately I donīt even know that what part of States he has been?!

Any kind of information about familyname Tillvits, Tillkvits, Tillqvist, Tillvits is needed.

Tiina Tillqvist, Lahti Finland

04-05-04, 00:00
The Living room > Genealogy (ENG) > Link to Finnish Seamen
Hi Tiina,
If you put the term "seamen" into the sfhs search, you will find my posting. That could give you some ideas about finding this guy.
Welcome to this place!

Chuck Mäki in Rock Island, IL:)