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03-05-04, 17:55
Är det någon som kan ge upplysningar.
John Gustaf el John J Nelson från Godegård gift med Sara Elisabeth.

Deras son: John Peter Soderberg f. 10.07.1851 i Godegård . Han emigrerade till Crystal Falls, Mich. o troligen i det skede ändrade sitt namn från Nelson till Soderberg. Denna John Peter gifte sej med Karolina Perus från Närpes Finland.

John G Nelson´s syster:

Anna Matilda Johnson gift med John Alfred Nolingberg , bosatta i Hjärtebygget, Örebro län
3 barn: Karl , Alma och Hjalmar f. 05.10.1872 i Östergötland emigrerade även till Crystal Falls, Mich

Henrik Mangs (http://www.netikka.net/henrik.mangs)

Karen Norwillo
03-05-04, 21:18
If someone will do a short translation of the above, I may be able to help. Unfortunately, I do not read or speak Swedish. I am originally from Crystal Falls and have many contacts there. Karen

03-05-04, 21:33
I will try to use the little I can.

Johan Peter Soderberg is born in Godegård Sweden and his father is John Gustaf or John J Nilsson mother Sarah Elisabeth

Jihn Gustaf Nilsons sister is Anna Matilda Johansson merrid to John Alfred Nolingberg, they had 3 children Karl, Alma and Hjalmar
hi is born 5 okt. 1872 in Sweden and they emigrated to Crystal Falls.

Henrik Mangs

www.netikka.net/henrik.mangs (http://www.netikka.net/henrik.mangs)

Karen Norwillo
05-05-04, 01:09
Henrik, Here is what I found thus far. John P Soderberg and family found on 1920 US Census on Crystal Avenue, Crystal Falls, Michigan. He is 68 and a blacksmith in the mines. Lina is 56. Children are Arnold, age 27, janitor in a school, ?hild, age 25, a bookkeeper in a grocerystore, Carl, age 24, a baker, Agnes, age 22, a saleslady in a drygoods store, elmer, age 20, a teacher in the public school and Ivar, age 18, not working. Says they came to US in 1884 or 1886. Children all born Michigan and are all unmarried.
In the 1930 census, Elmer A Soderberg and family are on High St . Elmer is 30 and married at age 28. Wife is Hilda S, age 25. They have a son John Peter, age 1year and 4 months. Mother, Lina is 65. Says she was 24 when married. Elmer is a manual arts teacher. Lina is listed as a Swedish speaking Finn.
Arnold Soderberg and family also live on High St. He is 37, married at 31 to Esther E, age 24, 19 at marriage. They have a daughter Agnes E, age 4. He is a janitor at a school.
There are 12 Soderbergs buried in Evergreen Memorial Cemetery.
Arnold, died 13/7/1975
Carl, 8/12/1969
Elmer, 10/8/1973
Esther(Mrs Arnold) 19/6/1971
Hilda, 24/7/1941..one of these should be Mrs. Elmer
Iver, 1/2/1965
John Peter, 10/6/1925
Lina, 5/3/1938

I haven't found Hjalmer as Nolingberg, but there is a Hjalmer Johnson buried at Evergreen. He died 14/12/1943
I will keep looking. Karen

05-05-04, 07:50
Thank you for the informatin.

If you need help about Österbotten, I vill try to help you.

Henrik Mangs