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June Pelo
06-05-04, 20:53
I noticed a new member: cnisula and wondered if she is the wife of David Nisula? If so, welcome Carolyn. Are you aware that many of David's ancestors are in the Caino-Torp book which has been published since I last had any contact with you. There may be a lot of new data for you there, if you don't already have it.


17-02-07, 20:54
Hi June,

Yes, its me. I did purchase the Caino-Torp book and you are absolutely correct. There are so many of Dave's ancestors in that book. Thanks for all of your help.


June Pelo
17-02-07, 21:38
Hi Carol,

I'm glad you have the book. And it's good to see your name here on the Forum. I hope to see more mail from you. These members are a very helpful group. Submit your GedCom and get a password so that you can check out all the data in Talko. My database is there with more recent data.